Group Calendar Stopped Showing in Outlook App

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We have a "Corporate Calendar" group setup for people to add events that impact everyone in the office.  It was setup in July 2020 and has worked perfectly until last week.  On 4/7/2023 multiple users had this group calendar stop working in the Outlook app.  After a reboot it started working again.  Then today it stopped again for a few people (not everyone).  It does show correctly on the Outlook web page (


I've checked the following via PowerShell and all groups show False which should be correct:



If I try adding this group calendar to "My Calendars" or "Other Calendars" I get the error "To add a group calendar, join the group and the calendar will be listed under All Group Calendars."


I've also tried to restart Outlook numerous times.


I am an owner and a member of this group.


Group calendar setup:



O365 info:

We have a Microsoft 365 Apps for Business subscription (not Premium).


Outlook app info:

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2303 Build 16.0.16227.20202) 64-bit


Has anybody else run into this issue and if so, how did you resolve it?


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Can clarify the 'stop' means the new activity feed not reflected?

@Kidd_Ip The Group calendars just stopped showing.  Normally it would show here.




The web app still shows the Group calendars.



I've got two users with the exact same issue, and it started right around the same time as you reported, I've tried every fix I can think of and or find. Ranging from removing the user to removing the office installation. I've not gotten a chance yet to see if the same issue happens on a different machine with the same user account, but that will be my next step. I have noticed that when logged into the web application, they can see the groups and calendars however, which does offer a somewhat temporary fix, but if they have multiple accounts in multiple tenants (mine do) then it is a bit inconvenient to have to log in between them individually. Hopefully you or someone else can find a solution.


we are having the same issue - very sporadic. Sometimes a reboot temporarily fixes it and Group Calendars are accessible. Then if the user restarts Outlook they completely disappear.

We're on Current Channel for O365.

Current Outlook version is version 2302 Build 16.0.16227.20202 64-bit


Occassionally we will see the calendars but will get a pop up "The Operation Failed" when trying to access. 

I have the same issue with at least 3 users/machines (including mine). I can see the Group Calendars via the web and Mac Outlook, just not within the work PC Outlook.

First > I performed an update of Microsoft Office within Outlook (File > Office Account > Update Options). This *initially* worked for me after the update, then reboot of the PC. However, when I closed Outlook and reopened it, the Group Calendars were again no longer visible. I tried this on the other PCs and it did not work at all.

This is what I most recently did:
Some did not like the apps showing on the top, left (where they were moved with an update) and preferred them to remain at the bottom. So, I had made the setting change to allow that. When I undo that change, the Group Calendars now show (even when I close and reopen Outlook). However, this seems to have worked for one, but only temporarily for another.

Steps: File > Options > Advanced > (return Check to) Show apps in Outlook

Seems like making this change (adding or removing the check) momentarily "fixes" the issue for some, while only temporarily (if Outlook is not closed and reopened) for others.


** UPDATE** This seems to be holding....

I ran a fix from this:

(2018) Group calendars show in Outlook 365 but not in desktop Outlook 

  • Close Outlook.
  • Right-click on the Start button choose, Run and type this in the open field:
    outlook.exe /resetnavpane
  • Close Outlook.
  • Restart Computer.

Now seems to be back to displaying Group Calendars even if I close/reopen Outlook.

You're a lifesaver!

Followed all the steps you mentioned (plus disabling/enabling the cache mode in Outlook) and it worked.

Hello! Another user and I have also started having this Group Calendar issue pop up in the last few days. Things I've tried for both of us:

-Closing/restarting Outlook
-Running Office updates
-Creating a new profile
-Signing in/out of Office >> this worked initially, but after a restart the Group Calendars disappeared
-Closing Outlook, Win-R "outlook.exe /resetnavpane" >> also worked initially, but Group Calendars went away after first restart of Outlook

Have yet to try the usual Online Repair on uninstall with the other user yet, but don't have much hope they will resolve the issue.

I am on Current Channel, and the other user is on Monthly Enterprise.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The "outlook.exe /resetnavpane" and a reboot appears to have resolved the issue (at least for now). Hopefully the group calendars will continue to display.
This worked to show the Group Calendars but although there was some date we were missing some calendar entries....AND it didn't survive a close open of Outlook or a restart.
Yup, we are getting this exact same behavior, including the “The Operation Failed” error when trying to display a group calendar (when they actually show up). Also, on the mail pane, when a group is selected (again, when they actually show up), the preview pan says “Nothing to show here” even though there are messages in these groups and all but three of the buttons in the ribbon are greyed out (i.e., you can’t access any of the group options). Form what I gathered this issue is related to a bug in a recent update.

@LouisWinter So refreshing to see that there are other people having this problem, however concerning considering that there is not a resolve. We use our Group Calendars more intimately for all project scheduling / operationally / invoicing. The last week has been very frustrating for the whole team. 


RE: Outlook Desktop app: I have three computers that I bounce around in-between and my laptop showings my one's business group calendar, but not my other business' group calendar. My other two desktops show the other business' group calendars, but not my other business' group calendar! 


RE: outlook online: Everything is there but it is much less user friendly and visually very different than the desktop app. 


I WISH that you could have macro color categories that is pushed out and lives inside each Group Calendar vs everyone individually needing to update their own desktop app to reflect the same coloring categorizations. 


I am hiring a technician to help me resolve this next week, hopefully something that can be resolved. 

@odonnellmike42  Curious what I am doing wrong? 




With our version of office we have to run the following (full path):

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\OUTLOOK.EXE” /resetnavpane



we are having the exact same experience, group calender comes and goes.


in most cases restart of outlook 1 or 2 times does the trick.

Hi, I am another one suffering from this bug introduced probably by an update a week or two ago. I have used group calendar for almost a year with no problem in desktop app. In my case /resetpane command did not help. I tried to switch from cached Exchange mode to online mode and back to no avail. Online version of calendar shows me the calendar.
Several users in our tenant are experiencing this. The /resetnavpane is temporary as the issue does present itself again after some time.
I posted on Microsoft's feedback hub and referenced this post. I'm hoping for Microsoft to at least see and acknowledge that users are having this issue.

If you are having this issue in your environment, please visit this post and vote for it to gain visibility.
Some of our users reported this issue and we were able to resolve by removing them from the Group and re-adding them after a few mins