Getting outlook to use new primary address as primary From:

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We have AD sync to office365. In the attribute editor for users I've added the following for proxyAddress:


SMTP: newaddress @

smtp:email oldaddress @


And in the users general info changed emails to new address


Everything is working. Can send and receive emails from both accounts. Except Outlook not using the new address as the default from address. Users can hit the From: dropdown and choose the new address manually but thats not at all acceptable. The OWA has the new primary address as default when sending emails. Its only outlook and thus far the only way I've seen to change it is to remove the account and re-add it, but this also seems to wipe users calendars.

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In order to have Outlook properly reflect the SMTP change in all places, you'll have to recreate the profile. That's a known limitation.