Exempt specific users from Mail Flow Rule that blocks Auto-Forwarding to External Domains

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Hi, this is my first time to post. Please bare with me.

I am currently new in this field and I have no background in Office 365 but my job forces me to create a procedure and implement Mail Flow Rule that will prevent auto-forwarding of emails to external domains with the exception of specific users that are allowed to auto-forward emails outside of the domain.

The problem is, I was able to implement the prevention or blocking of email auto-forwarding to external domains by using Mail Flow Rule and RBAC but I still cannot exempt specific users who are allowed to use email auto-forwarding to external domains.



I already tried the Except if > the sender is > is this person and set it to the auto-forwarder but it was blocked by the Mail Flow Rule. Also, I tried to set the sender as the auto-forwarder and recipient as the email recipient of the auto-forwarder (as shown below) but it still didn't work.

Kindly assist me if there's any way I could exempt a specific user from this mail flow rule. Your help will be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance guys :)

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