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Hey Guys, I set up a connector from "Office 365" to "Your organization's email server" in Exchange admin center. When I sent email, email don't save in MS 365 mailbox but it directly delivered to G suite mailbox. How can I save a copy of message in MS 365 mailbox before it is delivered to G Suite mailbox?

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Hi @Linh123 !


Please provide more details on what you are trying to accomplish. Sent mails should be saved to your "sent items" folder by default and not redirected to any outside mailbox.


Hi @BenKrah,

I want to set up the routing for incoming mail to O365 and forward it to G Suite. I only added O365’s MX record in DNS Console. I created it as above. Emails don't save in MS 365 mailbox but are directly delivered to the G suite mailbox.

Hi @Linh123 ,


I do not fully understand yet - why do you want to forward mails to G Suite?

You create MX records to point a domain to Exchange Online to receive mails. To forward mails you normally do not need a connector. You must create a mailbox which receives incoming mails and then either create an inbox rule in the mailbox or configure the forwarding in the mailbox properties in Exchange Online Admin Center.

So the flow would be like this:


Incoming mail --> Exchange Online mailbox --> Inbox rule/Forwarding setting --> G Suite mailbox


Forwarding sends an exact copy to the external mailbox but the original mail stays in the Exchange Online mailbox. This works without a connector.


Hi @BenKrah,


Before, I used G Suite. Now, I change to O365. But I don't want to change all users to O365, and a little user uses G Suite. I created MX records to point a domain to Exchange Online to receive emails. And I create all users in O365. So users use G Suite has both accounts in O365 and G Suite. I want users to use G Suite can receive emails in Gmail and Outlook. What should I do? Can you  guide me?

Hi @Linh123,


what is the point in doing so resp. why did you switch MX to Office 365 if you want to keep G Suite for your users?

You can only receive mails in one of the systems (as MX can only point to one system) and would have to configure mail forwarding as I described earlier. With e-mail it is an either/or choice, anything else will likely cause confusion and unnecessary administrative efforts.

From my point of view you should make a choice if you want your user mailboxes and the respective functionality to be hosted in Gmail or Exchange Online. For the rest of the G Suite it makes no difference, you can use all office apps like before (i.e. Docs, Chat, Drive, etc.).

But if you choose to go with Exchange Online it makes way more sense to also use all of the office apps from Microsoft (you already mentioned Outlook). But you will need according licenses to do so.

Hi @BenKrah 

I have only one domain that added to both the G Suite and O365. I want to set up dual delivery in Exchange Online.

Hi @Linh123,


as already mentioned, a MX record can only point to one system, not to both (if the domain is also used for authentication in G Suite, you can keep the configuration itself).


You already configured the MX record to point to Exchange Online so all mails will be routed there and from there you will have to work with forwardings as I described before. If users should get mails in both environments you must assign at least an Exchange Online license to each user and configure forwarding for each user mailbox.


You also need a separate email domain in G Suite for forwarding mails because if you configure mail forwarding for a user like this [when a mail for is received, forward the mail to] you would create a mail loop. You need an alternative email address so Exchange can route the mail to an external mailbox (Gmail in this case).

Thanks, @BenKrah