Exchange account not sync

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Hello. I'm using Office 365 Business.
In the desktop version, when I create a contact in the outlook application in the "people" section, they do not appear on my phone.
On my phone, I added contacts to my Exchange account (office 365) to the application. I have a similar problem with my phone, when I create a contact, they do not appear on the computer. I use the latest version of android and Samsung galaxy s20

I use the built-in "contacts" application from Samsung


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Here is what you can try:
1) Go to Outlook App on your phone > Click on O365 icon (usually orange) located top left corner.
2) Click settings (small cog bottom left corner) > Under email accounts, tap your email account > toggle ON the option "Sync contacts"

This will sync your outlook contacts on your phone and vice versa.

Hope this helps!