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Dear Excel 365 Users,


I am working on a project and the folder containing Excel and PDFs are saved to my local drive (laptop), since in prior Office version preserve the links and spreadsheet to share with my Team.


However, after using the same method, I opened the folder and spreadsheet this morning and have lost all hyperlinks.


How can I preserve a hyperlinked pdf in Excel?  I'm getting the following error message:




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Hey @RayZ1965 ,


Am a bit unsure about how you are doing this, but since you plan to share the document out to your team and you are embedding local links from your computer, wouldn't that cause an issue? If it fits your needs you can try embedding the pdf documents as objects in excel.




@harveer singh Thank you.


Historically (prior Office versions), I link the pdf to the spreadsheet and save both Excel and PDF in the same folder.  If I share it with someone else, I zip the folder and e-mail it to a team member.  As a precautionary measure, I embedded the pdf to avoid losing my work product.


My issue is the hyperlinks are not working after I save the Excel and PDF in the same folder.  The following day, I go back to the hyper link and get the error message.  Is there more than one method to hyperlink a cell?

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Hey @RayZ1965 ,


I just tested the same approach you used to follow, as long as you zip the folder and the linked pdf files are present in the folder it does seem to work, It could be an issue with office applications on your system the way links are being treated. A better approach would be to simply embed the file in excel as object, like in the article i shared above, that does increase the excel file size but at the same time saves you the hassle of sending out the entire folder.