Error in Microsoft 365 Admin Center Trying to Enable Teams for Organization

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In the Microsoft 365 admin center, it says that "Teams is off for your organization". When I click that, I get an error:




However, I believe I have teams setup since I can reach and manage things. The problem I am having is that no one from my organization can join a guest organization and I suspect it has something to do with microsoft 365 not being configured correctly.

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Can you create a new Team within your organization? Do you see any teams listed in Teams admin?



Hi John.


Can you please check if the option ([x] Turn on Microsoft Teams for all users) ist checked? You will find the option in Microsoft 365 Admin center under ( --> Show all --> Settings --> Org settings --> 




Then look for Microsoft Teams and check the option.



Is the option checked?





@Godangel If I try to do that, I get the error message "Try refreshing the page..."  right after selecting Teams from the Org settings menu.  Every time I try to access the teams admin from I get that error message.   But, I can go directly to  but there's no option that I can find to "Turn on Microsoft Teams for all users".  Each user has a Microsoft Teams(free) license applied and we all can use teams.  This leads me to think there's something corrupted in my "organization" on microsoft 365.


The problem is two-fold.  First, microsoft 365 admin tells me Teams is not turned on for my organization and trying to follow that path leads to the error message.  Second, my organization's users cannot join a guest organization in order to access shared files.  We get error messages or endless login loop trying to do so.



Yes, through I can create teams and we all can use teams. The problem is two-fold; tells me that teams is turned off for my organization and my users cannot join a guest organization (get stuck in errors and/or endless login loops).
Does anyone have an answer for this? I'm experiencing the same issue.

@JohnHogan20224k I have the same problem.
Started sometime after last login on Friday, August 4th 2023.
Any route for which I try to access 'Enable Teams for my organization' I receive same error page, but with a different error code.


Has anyone found a resolution for this as yet?

@LP_Canada I am also on the hunt for a solution. I find it strange that the error message changes every time that you refresh the page.





Should be an issue, let's raise a ticket to Microsoft to look at backend

Please provide a solution to this. I too have the same issue.
Is a ticket raised to Microsoft to look after this issue?
We are experiencing exactly the same issue. Has anybody found a solution to this issue yet? Thank you!