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Hi All,

In my work place we have a Hybrid AD infrastructure(onprem DC and O365).

Now i am asked to create a DL for a new site which is coming up.

Prior to my time in this company few DL's were created and i can see email address associated with it. (first screen shot below)

I assume it was created in on-prem exchange server long time back

But now when i create DL on on prem AD server i do not get option to provide email address, is it because we do not have onprem exchange server?




now i have created a DL in O365 which gives me option to add email address(screen shot below), but my boss do not want it in O365 to maintain consistency 




Please let me know if i am thinking it right way, we cannot create the old way like in first screenshot because we do not have on prem-exchange server


Thanks in Advance,





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What happened to the Exchange Server in your environment? Was it uninstalled or turned off?
Hi Andres,

It was prior to my time in this office, it is not online now. I guess it was uninstalled and turned off.
There is no one who know about it here
Hi Alex,
Based on your scenario, it looks onpremise Exchange server was decommissioned, but do you know how they manage the existing users, do they migrated everything into Cloud?
Check is there AAD connect server and how migrations occurred before. Gather required data and get back to me, we can find a solution for this issue.
Read here to understand the implications of removing Exchange

If you can dig more information as Krishnakumar says we might be able to find a solution
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Hi All,
What i did was created a global distribution group on prem as what ever option it provided(it did not give me option to create an email as expected)
But after creating group when i go to Active Directory user and computer and if i go to properties of the group, there it gives me an option to input email address , it was then replicated to Azure - which solved my issue.
Sincere thanks for all of you replies and suggestions

it worked as i have mentioned in my reply to Andres.
Thanks again for your response

Glad to hear that you found a solution