Edit Information is missing on some users - edit profile image

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I've used this guide to edit end users profile pictures.
In some users I see the option of "Edit Information" and in some users this option is missing.
There is a setting that is used to allow me as an administrator to change an profile image of certain users?



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The affected users aren’t synced with AD

All users are synchronized with AD. 

The column of "Sync Type" shown "Synced with Active Directory"

Central control over photos in O365 is still a mess, but this article summarizes the options you have available:


Some additional information is given on the ProfilePictureUploader tool page:

Hi Vasil,

These articles do not give me a solution.

I uploaded pictures that might help me find a solution:

Picture when I click on a user with the option to "Edit Information"


And picture without "Edit Information" option:

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What you are showing is the difference between accessing the mailbox settings as an admin (first screenshot) and as a regular user that has Full Access permissions on the other person's mailbox (second one). Because you already have Full Access, you can just edit the photo via the regular OWA settings page:


And you can always edit it via PowerShell as well.


The reason I referred you to those articles is that Exchange is not the only place where you, or the users can configure picture. Thus if you want proper control, you need to understand the full picture.

Thank you Vasil, You're right. I do not see the option to "Edit Information" when I'm set to "Full access" in the user's mailbox.