E5 License and DLP for Office Add-On

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Is the functionality of the standalone Offie 365 DLP license something that is not included in the E5 license? The attached comparison from the MS365 Admin Portal would seem to indicate that it would provide additional features.




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Got a response from Support, tldr, it is already included with E5:

Hi there Michael,

I've had a check on how the DLP service is currently being made available to clients. With the Microsoft 365 license you currently own, you should already have access to the DLP services by default. These are available in the Compliance Admin centre under Solutions then Data Loss Protection, if you can't see them there let me know, but they should be inbuilt.

I believe the reason we have that confusing screenshot is that DLP doesn't appear in the E3 or E5 list of services. It doesn't appear in E3 because it's a non-standard add-on, it doesn't appear in E5 because it's too inbuilt to require mention. However, you can view it just as an add-on; I expect no extra tick shows up for E5 because it's not considered a feature that could be missing.

I'm aware that may not be too clear, but essentially if you can access the Data Loss Protection in the Compliance admin centre, you already have the service.

Kind regards,
Microsoft 365 Support