E-mail forwarding from DL to Shared Mailbox

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I don't see an option on office 365 to forward e-mails from a Distribution List. 


I created a shared mailbox to which I'd like all the e-mails going to this DL, to be forwarded to it.


Anyone knows how to do this?

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Hi Chris,

Why not add the shared mailbox to the DL itself? L

Could also look at transport rules in EAC to send a copy to the shared mailbox.

Best, Chris
Yes, just go to the DL and have the shared mailbox added as a "Member" of the group and you should be good to go.

@Chris Webbthis did not work 

any other suggestions? 

Hi @gtecce ,


You should add the email you want to forward to the member list. Below are the steps.