Does a 365 Business Premium license activate a Windows 10 Pro?

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I work on a small company that have about 10 to 20 PCs running Windows 10 Home.


There are some users that need access to their PC outside our office and I'm thinking in use Remote Desktop to do that but I need a Windows 10 Pro.


We already use M365 for our email accounts and Office apps on desktop (M365 Standard license) but I read that Business Premium license offers Win10 Business that has Remote Desktop.


I bought 1 monthly license of the Business Premium and installed the Windows 10 Pro on a test PC. Windows is not activated because I do not have a license for it. I joined the Azure AD with that PC and logged in with the user that has the Business Premium license.


If I go to Settings / System / About it shows "Windows 10 Business" at the Edition field but Windows still says that it is not activated.


Does a Business Premium activate Windows or not?


Does it only offers upgrade from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Business?

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