Distribution Group Calendar Items show up in Personal Calendars

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We just recently migrated from on-prem Exchange 2010 to Exchange Online and are scrambling to figure out how everything works. We just began recreating our old Distribution Lists as Distribution Groups. The problem we're having is that when entries are made into the Distribution Group Calendar, they are showing up in users personal calendars. We'd rather just have it like the old way, where you looked at the DG calendar to see those entries. How do we do that?


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Each member of a Group can control this but he "subscribe" settings (top left corner in OWA once you select the group). As an admin, you can toggle the AlwaysSubscribeMembersToCalendarEvents flag via the Set-UnifiedGroup cmdlet.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for your response! My problem is that I joined a group, it populated my personal calendar with a ton of items, which were not removed when I dejoined the group. Any suggestions on that one? 


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You can only delete them manually, sorry.
Thanks Vasil. That's what I figured.