Different weights (regular, thin, bold etc.) of a font appear as a separate font

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Hi, I'm not seeing an option to change the weight/style (regular, bold, extra bold, thin etc.) of fonts that have multiple weights in PowerPoint for office 365. I've seen a user having option to change the font weight/style on the right side of font.


No, I've seen a user using a font with multiple weights (regular, thin, extra bold etc.) like that it is showing as one font with a dropdown next to the font containing all these weights, rather than each weight of the font showing as a separate font.


I'm not seeing that option/dropdown menu next to the fonts that have multiple weights. Instead, I'm seeing each weight of the font as a separate font in powerpoint.


I want to get that option/dropdown menu. can someone help, please?


I'm using PowerPoint for Office 365, version 2109 (Build 14430.20306 Click-to-Run)

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