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Good Evening! Today I was wondering how to create the trial tenants or demo environment for any O365 or M365 Plans Tenants as I came across the "" is redirecting me to the page called it is giving me tough challenges to access from my live ID and I am unable to create any trial tenant for 90 Days of Subscription Plan!


If this gonna happen then how will I showcase to my customers the live demo on Microsoft!! Can someone help me out to get the demos or how should we access to create a M365 or O365 Plans Tenant!!


@Adam and @Chris need your help please...

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They no longer support MSID/LiveID, you need to login with your Office 365/Azure AD credentials (the ones associated with your partner organization).

How should I create that whether it is the official email ID provided from company or should I have to create the new Azure ID?

It doesn't matter if it's a new or existing account, it just needs to be an O365 one, and associated with a partner.

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