Copy Outlook 365 Folder Structure (Exchange)

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I have 2 different exchange accounts, for both I am utilizing Outlook 365.  I am wanting to copy all my folders and their structure from one email address to the other (100+ folders).  Is there an easy way to do this without re-building the entire structure?  


Bonus: Is it also possible to move the messages from one exchange account to the other so I can migrate all my messages into one account?

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Add both accounts to outlook and copy between accounts..or export one mailbox to a pst file and import into the other account. From there you can copy over whatever folders you need to your inbox

If you feel comfortable running some code, this script is probably the best solution for you:


You can use it to copy/move items between mailboxes, preserving the folder structure or merging some folders if you prefer.

I run an organization with about 8-10 employees. I am super organized and they are not. I have a TON of folder and sub-folders in my Outlook 365 account and they are wanting to mimic or copy my structure but it is a ton of folders and it is constantly changing. They want to have that same structure. Is there a way for my folder structure to be copied to their individual Outlook accounts BUT NOT THE EMAILS INSIDE MY FOLDERS? I just want the folder structure to copy and if maintain and refresh as I change it on my end. Is that something that can be done? @Sarah Thomay 

Hi @jrcooperlighthouse,


you have to wright a VBA script/COM add-in to copy the folder structure.

@adam deltinger 


Hi Adam,   Just started using outlook 365 - and I have done the PST export of about 120 folders in someone's inbox to a PST on the desktop after the import will any new messages show up in their respective folders?


Below you say:  "  From there you can copy over whatever folders you need to your inbox " .....So won't export grab all the existing emails in the old employees inbox that are there now?


Just wondering .......



Dave C





1. Export all folders and data to a new .pst file
2. Open and display the new .pst file
3. Archive all data in the new .pst file (this willl empty the pst from emails.


Copy that pst over your colleges.




@Sarah Thomay  
In Outlook, Open File -> Import/Export -> select Export to a file -> Outlook PST -> select the source data file(PST or OST) -> check "include sub folders" -> click on filter -> then Advanced -> under Field select "Date and Time fields"  -> Received , under condition select "on or after" -> on value filed enter tomorrows Date (in your local date format eg 05/12/2022), Click on "add to list" then ok, -> click on Next, select Browse  and choose the target PST and select finish