Convert Microsoft 365 group to a Security group

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Can I convert a dynamic Microsoft 365 group to a Security group?  The group was created as the wrong type and we do not require any of the resources which come with a 365 group.

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What do you need the groups for? M365 Groups can now be security-enabled, including dynamic ones it seems, so you can just do that.

In my case, I initially wanted to have the SharePoint site and use the M365 group for security access. We were also going to create a Mail Enabled Security Group for Guests to access the same site. After creation the Guests were told they couldn't access our SharePoint for this project. We already had another subsite with unique permissions for our internal staff and I had assigned the M365 group access to this subsite.
If I try to delete the original SharePoint site that was never used, the system says that it will delete the M365 Group as well. I need to keep the M365 group because it is granting access to the other subsite. So, it would be real nice if I could just convert the M365 group to MESG and delete the unused SP site. Another option would be to somehow separate the SP from the M365 group as dependent object.
The only alternative I have now is;
Delete the M365 group and recreate a new MESG with the same name and members.
Go back and delete the unused SP and assign the newly created MESG permissions to the subsite.
I have to do this all before any members try to access the subsite and create a Help Desk ticket about access problem.
  • I have a similar issue.
    Our organisation structure is replicated in MS Teams. When a Team is created, a MS365 Group is created. Using AutoPilot, I can assign applications to the groups in AAD, but cannot assign configuration profiles to them as they are not security enabled.
    How do I security enable them?