Company aquisition - What should I do?

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Hello everyone and greetings from Portugal!


Excuse me in advance if this is a long scenario description but having some doubts about what I should do. it goes!


Our company (company A) acquired another company (company B) that used G-Suite. 

We've created a new Azure tenant for them and migrated from G-Suite to M365.

Now, here's our doubts.

We would like to remove that tenant, make them come to our tenant but keep for the moment they're "identity". What I mean is, have them on our tenant with they're own upn and email but let them be able to see the company A teams, sharepoint, etc.

At the same time, we would like to have the best approach so that if for any reason the company would be sold, we could easily "transfer" them to another tenant.


Sorry for the long text...


Best Regards,

Diogo Sousa

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Hi @Kidd_Ip ,


Thanks for your answer. The G Suite to M365 migration has already taken plase.

The thing is that we've migrated the users to a different tenant. The scenario I'm describing and asking for help is about the "after migration" :)

Anyone? :)