Clients sharing OneDrive files with a shared mailbox email address

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We have multiple people sharing a shared mailbox.  Let's call the people Bob and Anne and the mailbox sales@whatever


Clients want to share files via OneDrive email so Bob and Anne can book in the jobs, but they specify to share with sales@whatever - a shared mailbox which Bob and Anne both have full access to as well as "send as" permissions.


How can they access the files shared via OneDrive without inconveniencing the client by asking them to share with a different email address or anonymously?

I know we can assign a licence and credentials to sales@whatever mailbox to make direct login possible, but this makes it difficult for Anne and Bob: they have to sign into that account via a separate browser profile or Incognito window.  Also, it makes it difficult to track who has access if they're sharing credentials.  When Anne leaves the company, we won't remember to change the password.


Any suggestions?

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Hi, by any chance you could be using a M365 group (team) instead for proper collaboration with your client/s?

Hello @Daniel Mare,

You can use functionality of Microsoft 365 Groups instead of Shared mailbox.

These are used for collaboration between users, both inside and outside your company. They include collaboration services such as SharePoint and Planner. Members of Microsoft 365 group will get a group email and shared workspace. They can have conversations, share files & Calendar events.

You can also add people from outside your organization to a group as long as this has been enabled by admin. You can also allow external senders to send email to the group email address.


Surya Pammi