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we were earlier part of a group company but had a separate domain name ( The group company created under their tenant on Office365. When we created an independent entity last year, we had to create to migrate mailboxes.


The group company has deleted the from it's tenant, however we cannot add it back to our tenant on Office365 for the new independent entity. It still says that is already in use by another organization, please try a different domain name.


How do we solve this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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You may contact Microsoft support to manage this case:

Btw, why don't you consider NOT using such fallback Domain but public DNS to manage your situation?


Add and replace your fallback domain in Microsoft 365 - Microsoft 365 admin | Micros...


Thanks for your response. There are some dependencies which we had to address. That is the reason we need to get the domain back. I have dropped a message to Microsoft support as well. Once done, I will probably work on your suggestion to use public DNS. 



Running into the same boat. Did Microsoft Support ever help you?


I have a case open but hoping if you found the solution