Chinese characters inserted on top of send mail

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I have (always the same) Chinese characters inserted on top of the body of my mail when I send:

  • an HTML mail (no problem white plain of rich text mails),
  • using Outlook 365 Desktop (no problem with Outlook OWA),
  • from any application other than Outlook Desktop itself (like sending an Excel sheet via 'Sharing').

When composing the mail, everything looks fine, but once it is sent, and I check my send mail, the Chinese characters have been inserted. Also, the receiver gets the mail with those characters. So it must happen during the send process.


So, just to be clear, when I send a document starting from a new mail in Outlook and attaching the document, everything works fine. But when I mail a document from within the application it was created in, Outlook inserts the Chinese characters during the send process.


I've attached a picture of the mail as it is received.


Thanks in advance for your reply.

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