Checklist for HIPAA compliant - Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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Hi friends,


Do anyone have checklist for enable HIPAA compliant for Microsoft 365 Business Premium or any reference.


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Jenkins NS

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Hello @Jenkins NS,

Did you look into Microsoft Service Trust portal? Specifically Compliance Manager Classic. It contains bunch of compliance and regulatory framework templates(HIPAA included) and clearly defines what is needed to make sure that your Office365 is compliant. All of the requirements  are divided into 2 groups: Customer(Your) Responsibilities & Microsoft responsibilities.

Hope that helps.

I'm wondering if there might be an updated link?  I'm really interested in this resource.  thank you!




Hello @GPS2013,

This link is still working for existing customers, the only change is that all of the assessments and templates have been moved to Compliance Manager.



Within the Compliance Manager you can navigate to Assessment Templates and search for HIPAA. Although it is a premium template and you will be not able to apply it for automatic assessment to your tenant without proper license, you still can export it to excel and perform assessment manually.


Hope that helps.