Change default meeting length in Outlook - Avoid Back-to-Back meetings!


We give the following advice in our VP's blog post -

"schedule meetings to conclude five minutes before the end of the hour or half hour. This shortens your time together slightly but goes a long way towards avoiding potential burnout from uninterrupted back-to-backs."


This is now really easy!  

In Outlook:

  • File -> Options -> Calendar
  • "End meeting early"

Your meetings are now 50 and 25 minutes long - by default, no need to set it manually.  Not sure when it showed up in the options but my team is using it and it really helps.




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We have a suggested standard of starting a meeting at 5 past, & finishing at 5 to - now, if I could add that to my defaults, rather than it assuming you want to start on an hour / half hour, that would be even better :) [Or choose a default time of something other than 30 / 60 minutes. One of the two :)] Or have meetings both starting & finishing late ... 


I find that option under Calender Option@karlv