Cannot see own calendar details in scheduling assistant

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Hi everyone,


I have a user that cannot see his own calendar details when selecting the scheduling assistant. The show calendar details is already checked.


Calendar issue.PNG


These are what we did so far:

1. Created a new Outlook profile - this resolved the issue but after few hours, the issue went back again

2. Installed the latest version of Office 365 16.0.13801.20772 (64-bit) from

3. Rename the Outlook folder in %appdata%/Microsoft to recreate the folder and settings - still same issue


The issue is only fix when creating a new profile. But after few minutes or hours, the issue is coming back. Is this a calendar issue on the mailbox? I think not as when we are scheduling in OWA, we can see the calendar details in scheduling assistant. Can I try to create a new windows profile for the user and test?

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I'm observing the same situation in our tenant with Outlook v2012.
No solution found.
Workaround - try to scroll timeline in SchedulingAssistant a bit to the right or left and check, if event-info is available then ;)

@Sergio_Potemkin @m365123 

Did y'all ever find a fix for this?  I have a user who was recently migrated to MS365 and they are having the exact same problem.

Yes. Using the Office version from resolved the issue.