Calendar Sharing Auditing Report

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Hi all,

Is there a report where you can find a list of all the users who have shared their calendars externally? Assuming using the default Individual Sharing policy in EXO that allows anonymous share of 'All calendar appointment information, including time, subject, location and title'. 




the only logs I could find in Audit log search was for the policy installation, but not sure how to get the details of the calendar sharing activity per user. Is there a way to pull such list/report from Powershell if it's not available currently in the portal? 



Appreciate any help /insights. 



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Each "share" is stamped on the permissions on the Calendar folder, so you can just enumerate those. I have a sample script that does just that here:


Once you have the CSV file, you can filter it by External.

@Vasil Michev I just tried it in my test environment and it worked perfectly. There's no report with the same exact info that I can generate from the portal? 


Thank you very much, i appreciate your quick help!


No, no built-in reports for that. Otherwise I wouldn't bother to create a script :D

Hi Vasil, do you still have this script posted somewhere? the link doesn't appear to work.



@Vasil Michev @pb1973 The link for the script is not live anymore. Can you please share the script another way?

@SanjayVishram to help anyone else that gets here, the script has been moved to GitHub


It is in what i assume to be @Vasil Michev own github library.


I had to use WayBackMachine on that original link to find the script name, and from there I found it in GitHub