Best Practice - administering customer tenants

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Hi folks,



i'm administering a variety of customer tenants. At this moment i'm wondering if anyone of you guys can tell me a better way do do this centrally:


The customer invites my main account to his tenant, the account gets protected via Conditional Access / MFA / PIM etc. Great!

But how to manage not only Azure but the admin centers? Teams / Sharepoint etc..

Another possibility is to use the Microsoft Partner Center / CSP to remotely login to the customers admin centers. Okay, but not that convinient...


Any idea to improve this would be highly appreciated. :)

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As a CSP, you should be able to see the "tenant switcher" in the M365 Admin center:

For the other admin centers, it's still mostly "manual" process.

@Vasil Michev Thanks for the hint, the tenant switcher is available in the M365 admin center.

Unfortunatelly when switching tenant and trying to open other admin centers i'm getting different errors.

Sharepoint: "That didnÄt work > External sharing is disabled

Is this necessary to administer it? oO



"You don't have access to the Teams admin center.

The account credentials you used to sign in aren't authorized to access this website. Make sure you're using the right account and that you have correct permissions."


I'm a global admin at this moment, shouldn't this work?


Exchange AC is working just as expected with a little a hint at the top, telling me that im administering this as an "external".

Are there any "new" ideas in how to adress this?
I don't want to bother our customers in adding a User. (If i would do this an want to use Security relevant features like PIM, they would need to assign a license to me, which i don't want them to need.)