admin locked out because of authenticator

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I could really use some advice.  My 365 work email is working after going through authenticator process with my phone  after our system wide setting were changed by Microsoft in an update but the Admin is locked out of her account now.  If she logs in on browser it gives a two digit code to be used in the authenticator.  If she logs in using the authenticator using her cell it also gives a different 2 digit code, to be used in the authenticator.  It is an endless loop.  If we try to "sign in another way". The only options are to use the authenticator, which we can't log in to without the authenticator working. We can't add her phone number, without first getting in to the account, with the authenticator. The other admin is having the exact same problem so we can't reset or turn off MFA.  it has been a week since we reached out to Microsoft support and have total radio silence from them.  Despite literally begging them to reset or disable the mfa so our company can have email again they repeatedly tell us that we have to wait for a call back.  Anybody have any ideas so our company can have email again without waiting weeks or maybe months for a response from Microsoft?


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Seems not possible if MFA applied to all admin under your tenant