Please add Markdown support

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Please add support for Markdown editing/rendering. EverNote and Boostnote all support this, but OneNote still lacks this feature, while it remains so many developers' main notetaking tool. Take myself as an example, I enjoy its seamless integration with OneDrive and powerful search function, but find it difficult to properly take down coding related notes -- I was forced to format code snippets into monospaced font with shading to make them look like "code snippets".


To elaborate the user story about this idea:

  1. The user can create a new "regular page" or a "Markdown page". If the latter, then Markdown tags entered are rendered as you type (e.g. #title, >quote, *bold*, `code`...)
  2. The user might also enjoy a "cell editing" mode (similar to Jupyter Notebook). So if the cursor is placed in a cell, then it changes to raw text view. And once escaped from this cell, it gets rendered. And maybe enable some Jupyter/VS Code stype shortcut keys, too (Alt+Up/Down to move the cell, Alt+Shift+Up/Down to duplicate the cell, Ctrl+Shift+K to kill a line, etc)

This way notetaking will be more efficient/fun, and many developers would thank MS!

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Agreed. This wysiwyg-type editor is so old. All these mouse movements are distractions. Markdown provided such an elegant solution for developers. Microsoft, why not just adopt it!?
Given the Power of VSCode, this is disappointing. Perhaps there's a OneNote VSCode extension.... (checking) Nope. Not yet.

MarkDown styling please.

Can't agree more with this request. Taking into account the popularity of Markdown among the millions of developers out there, wondering why this hasn't been prioritized. IMHO, the number one deterrent I'm seeing for One-Note adoption in this (large) technical community is precisely this!

It's well past time for markdown support. Sure, it'll require another pile of TypeScript, but it will be well worth it -- especially for those of us who interact with OneDrive mostly from the web interface.

Really need this feature

Looking for the same thing, getting into the whole Markdown writing now myself and using Obsidian for taking notes.. It's not as easy as using it in OneNote which I use for all my notes, come on Microsoft.. Enable it!

I am waiting for this feature since years.
Agreed, that would be awesome

@frank-yifei-wang Considering the fact that basic MD features are supported in Teams and Skype, their absence in OneNote is mind boggling.

As a developer a need this desperately, mouse destroys my time and productivity, and we developer are the center of MSFT innovation
yes yes yes. We (developers) need this. Mainly for code snippets and quick formatting.



## Markdown + Onenote


No podria estar mas de acuerdo. Creo que One Note es la mejor herramienta de Microsoft, y esta totalmente abandonada. Poder utilizar Markdown + OneNote seria de gran utilidad para miles de clientes.


(Let's see if for one time Microsoft listens their customers)



Try this plugin, OneMark, it brings markdown support for OneNote.
Hi OneMark. I'd like to know more details about your product, since I cannot find them in your homepage

@onemark Your download links are dead.

Agreed! It's about time to have Markdown support.
Adding my voice to this request. I moved away from OneNote because it was difficult to use compared to Dropbox Paper, but due to security and privacy issues the Dropbox team refuses to address, am looking for alternatives again. That said, 5 minutes in OneNote was enough to set me searching again...