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I've been researching online but cannot seem to figure out how to do this. I've gone through the admin portal spam settings but can't seem to figure out how to do what I want.

There is an RFP email that comes through from a company which we paid in order to be listed as a vendor in their guide. Unfortunately, the e-mail doesn't come from their address, but the actual e-mail of the person making the request. So I can't create a simple filter in Outlook to make the domain safe. The e-mail always has the same subject and similar body (with the only thing changing being the prospective customer's information). Office 365 always filters these as spam and they go to the junk e-mail. This prevents me from creating any rules to catch it as it comes in. How can I adjust the spam filter in Office 365 to stop marking these as spam? The subject always starts with the same 3 words so I was thinking there should be a way to set a rule in the admin portal to stop marking these as spam.

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Hi @deaftolight 


You should be able to set this in the Exchange Admin Portal


Open up the Exchange Admin centre.


Go to Mail Flow > Rules > Then create new rule > Bypass Spam Filtering




Fill out the rule to something like the below. Enter the text string that shows up in your subject line by clicking on the "enter text patterns" blue text. 




Going forward, any emails sent with that text pattern in the subject line will bypass spam checks.


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