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Changes to the Azure Portal are being documented on a page at Can we get a similar page for the 365 Admin portal (s)?


@Jared Spatarois this something that you can help with?


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I guess O365/M365 portal is not updating at the same pace as Azure portal. I don't remember any significant change through out a year. Maybe M365 portal team is doing updates in big chunks at once. Say at Ignite they have showed new admin center. There were a bunch of sessions about it and also articles in blogs here.


They also posted a few things about future changes in Microsoft 365 Blog


I remember lots of changes some of them were: new items were added to the Service pages, changes made to Message Center and Service health, new options on the SharePoint admin center, new Teams admin center are just few examples off the top of my head.

Some of these changes are announced in the Message center itself. Some in these blogs or other places (Youtube also). It would be nice to have a central place. But i have already concluded i have to watch a few places to get all the news.

@Dean Gross, Great suggestion, thank you!  For the Microsoft 365 admin center preview, we're posting information about what's new each month here: 


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