Office 365 user Settings - User language and time zone not available

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There are many articles describe how the user change the language for his owa but none of them talk how the administrator give the option to the users.


Does anyone know how to give the users a permission to choose their language? and how to make the option "Language and Time Zone" appear in their settings.



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It should appear by default. Every user can change the regionarl settings in two places:
(1) In the View Account page: Right clic the user photo and clic View account
(2) Through Delve

Hi Juan,

It must be changed as what described in the article

But they added:

" If you don't have a Language setting option

In some Office 365 installations, display language and some other settings can only be changed by users with certain licenses. If your Office 365 settings don't include an option to change the language, ask your organization's Office 365 administrator for help."

and in my case many users hasn't have this option "see the attachement"


What can i do as an administrator?


i found it finally! Smiley Indifferent


you can write on the All settings search box "langua..." and it'll appeare. i couldn't find it in any other place, but if i choose any of the accounts settings so i can see the full list of Options and i can see it under the General Option

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Glad you found a workaround to fix this!