Mailbox backup including archive for a retiring employee

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Want to backup an employee who just left the company, his mailbox is 20gb and archive are almost same size. How can I backup his mailbox including archives in full? Would b more helpful including OneDrive data, calendars data also.

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Basically there is not a builtin feature that allows you to backup the employee mailbox, calendars and order to make the backup of those items you might have a look at third party tools

@Juan Carlos González Martín how can they skip such an important feature if this is a solution for businesses? Can you name few third party apps pls?

Since most of our employees have E3 licenses, I've been using the Retention feature in the Security & Compliance Center to put a hold on mailboxes and OneDrives. Once it's placed under a hold you can then use eDiscovery against the held mailbox and export emails into a PST if needed.

Of course, you always have "the manual" approach suggested by Stephen that can work if you need to make a backup from time to time but not if this is something you need to make frequently
There is a big thread talking about this in this community. Unfortunately, the reality is that Microsoft has not covered this gap since Office 365 was born and I have no heard about any plans to cover it in the future...bat let's see. This is the thread I'm talking about where you can find some references to backup tools for Office 365:

Back it up where though? Office 365 is not a backup solution, neither is a file share replacement. If you want to keep the mailbox/onedrive data in place, use the hold/retention functionality as mentioned already. You will have to pay for (keeping) the license however.


Inactive mailboxes offer you a free alternative, but that only covers the Exchange part.