ISV Success FAQ: Visual Studio subscription not available to validate the use of Basic + Test Plans?


Q: Why doesn't Azure DevOps show a Visual Studio subscription available to validate the use of Basic + Test Plans? 

A: There are a couple of possible causes for this problem:

The developer's User ID or subscription is incorrect. Use these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Your Engagement Manager can work with you to validate that the developer has a subscription correctly assigned.
  2. The developer should sign into the subscriber portal at and verify that they have a valid subscription that shows a benefit tile for Azure DevOps Basic + Test Plans.
  3. The developer should sign into Azure DevOps with the same credentials to which the Visual Studio Subscription is assigned.  The developer should do this for themselves.  If an Azure DevOps admin attempts to do this for them, they will see an error message. That is by design. 
  4. The credentials the developer is using to sign into Azure DevOps don't match the ones associated with their Visual Studio subscription. The developer can set their Azure DevOps sign-in name as an "alternate account" on their Visual Studio subscription.

The developer's subscription data has not replicated through the system.

If the Visual Studio subscription was only assigned recently there may be a refresh delay before the subscriptions system and the Azure DevOps Services sync up. Give it 24-48 hrs.

There is a known technical issue that can prevent Azure DevOps from recognizing the existence of a qualifying subscription.

Status:  The existence of the issue has been verified and a fix is currently in testing.  Once it is fully resolved, this FAQ documentation will be updated to reflect that, and to provide any additional guidance.  


Note: this FAQ is relevant to participants in ISV Success. Learn more about ISV Success here.

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