FAQ: VM Offer for confidential computing and restricting VM sizes during deployment


Q: We are in the process of technical configuration for our Azure Marketplace offerings and we're encountering a problem. In the 'Recommended VM Sizes' section, we cannot select the confidential VMs DCasv5 and DCadsv5 that we use for our products. These do not appear and therefore we cannot limit the users to these types of VMs. This will be problematic in the case where a client decides to install our product on a non-compatible VM. My guess is that Recommended VM size is not the best section to work with. How can we restrict the VM family ? 


A: The feature to restrict VM deployments to a particular size is not natively available in VM offers currently. The feature is available in Solution templates. The VM offer can be hidden and customers can deploy using Azure App.


Refer to this doc for additional info: Plan a solution template for an Azure application offer | Microsoft Learn


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