FAQ: Support related to custom terms and conditions and working with resellers


Q: What is the recommended path for a partner that has questions about transacting in the marketplace, in particular about custom terms and conditions and working with a reseller? through their Microsoft contact, they are reaching out directly to the marketplace PMs, and I want to direct them to the right team to provide this first level of support


A: In general, we recommend to start with Support but if the partner has a PDM assigned, they can also work with the PDM instead of reaching out to the product team. Support is in Partner Center. They just need to log into their account and select the "?" to get to filing a support ticket. 


More info about reseller custom terms: 1) CSPs must agree to the The Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) for CSP - Partner Center | Microsoft Learn 2) custom terms can be added private offers through the marketplace Private offers in Azure Marketplace - Microsoft marketplace | Microsoft Learn


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