FAQ: Is BYOL license model considered transactable for VM offers?


Q: I have a question about Azure VM offerings. According to the documentation, VM offerings are transactable offerings deployed and billed through Azure Marketplace, but is the BYOL license model considered "transactable"?


I have been looking at these examples, and I see that the main difference for BYOL is that the ISV needs to negotiate and bill their license cost on their own, so they need to implement the corresponding mechanism to achieve this, can this make a BYOL VM offering not transactable?


A: Instead of BYOL the ISV can look into VMSR to sell their VMs on the marketplace.  It provides a 1 or 3-years contract on the sale of their VMs.   Here is the video training: https://microsoft.github.io/Mastering-the-Marketplace/vm/#virtual-machine-software-reservations-over...


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