Simplify your app journey with app advisor on ISV Hub
Published Jan 12 2024 04:52 PM 1,668 Views

We know that, at times, the app journey can seem complicated. That’s why Microsoft developed app advisor on ISV Hub, a self-serve experience to surface resources, benefits, and incentives to streamline your progress.

App advisor provides a simple and accelerated process to assist ISVs to find the right resources, no matter where they start. This self-serve experience, found on the ISV Hub, will help your team stop searching and start doing.

How does app advisor work?
Your app is unique, so we want your journey to be tailored, too. When you navigate to app advisor, you’ll answer a few short questions and be placed in an appropriate stage and step for what you want to learn.


App advisor wizard.png

You’ll start with a wizard and answer just a few short questions to get tailored suggestions.

Collected from the best resources, benefits, incentives, and support that thousands of successful partners have used, app advisor provides a streamlined path to the next step for your company. You’ll always know exactly where you are in the journey, be able to mark items complete, and even browse to other steps to quickly look at what’s available.


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Answering the questions will bring you to a results page, oriented in a step that matches your responses.


Who should use app advisor?
If you’re considering or already building a B2B app with Microsoft technology, you’ll get value using app advisor. The guidance is tailored to ISVs who will sell on the Microsoft commercial marketplace and show how to make the most of what Microsoft has to offer.

There is no fee associated with using app advisor. And it’s self-paced, meaning you can take as much or as little time as you need with the resources.

Ready to streamline your app journey? With app advisor on ISV Hub, Microsoft is here to help.

Currently available in the United States, app advisor will launch in other languages in early February.


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