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We continue to expand the Microsoft AppSource ecosystem. For this volume, 92 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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DaVinci for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams: AMC Technology's DaVinci for Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams offers advanced CTI features like screen pop, click-to-dial, and activity tracking, along with comprehensive reporting and proactive customer care. DaVinci provides an embedded toolbar to support customers on their preferred channels, improving the agent and customer experience. It's easy to configure and deploy, and it offers out-of-the-box or custom use cases.
JVIZ Dot Matrix: JVIZ Dot Matrix is a Microsoft Power BI visual that allows for quick comparison of discrete data across various categories. It offers customizable features such as dot sizing, color, and legend labels to accurately represent information. JVIZ Dot Matrix is ideal for data analysts, project managers, and stakeholders.
Neocase Employee Relations: Neocase Employee Relations automates grievance and disciplinary processes in line with HR best practices. The grievance procedure allows employees to raise complaints, and the disciplinary procedure is used for misconduct or performance issues. Both processes provide structured steps for HR teams to manage situations, with the option for employees to appeal outcomes.
Authorization for Expenditure - CAPEX, OPEX, and CAD: Great Software Solutions offers a SaaS AFE system built on the Microsoft Power Platform to track approvals for CAPEX/OPEX and capital asset disposals. The system centralizes the approval matrix in one convenient location and enforces compliance with company approval policies. Additionally, the system is customizable and volume licensing discounts and multiple app discounts are available.
Video Player: The Video Player visual allows seamless integration of dynamic video content from various sources into Microsoft Power BI reports to enhance interactivity, provide context, and improve decision-making. The customizable and secure feature is suitable for marketing, education, consulting, and sales industries. Transform data narratives into visually compelling reports.
Plataine Total Production Optimization: Plataine offers Industrial IoT and AI-based optimization solutions for advanced manufacturing. The Total Production Optimization suite includes digital assistants for production floor management and staff, integrating with existing ERP systems. The suite includes applications for production scheduling, material and factory asset tracking, time-sensitive material management, tool management, and cut plan optimization. Benefits include increased factory throughput, reduced rework and production costs, and improved on-time delivery.
Enterprise Flows Repository - Console of IT and Business Flows: Enterprise Flows Repository is a centralized console for monitoring and managing data flows across all integration tools. It offers four editions, including a starter edition for small teams and a premium edition for complete customization. The product benefits IT support teams, architects, business application managers, and directors of information systems. 
SmartViz Digital-Twin-in-a-Box: SmartViz Digital Twin Kit uses IoT sensors and AI to optimize building space utilization, improve productivity and wellbeing, and save energy costs. The pre-configured kit includes people counting, air quality, and CO sensors. Custom packages are also available for advanced motion tracking, occupancy analytics, and energy management. SmartViz is used by universities, schools, museums, airports, and councils.
Enterprise Chat with GPT4: Enterprise Chat with GPT4 is a secure and efficient chat application for businesses, powered by GPT4 technology. It offers intelligent conversational capabilities and tailored features to enhance team collaboration. Experience a new dimension of enterprise communication with this state-of-the-art chat platform.
Incident Management System: This solution for municipalities streamlines and optimizes the entire incident management process, from logging to resolution, across all departments. It allows for comprehensive logging of incidents, end-to-end management, effortless reporting, flexible process customization, and seamless accessibility. The system integrates Microsoft 365 technologies, including SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, and Planner. It is device-agnostic and delivers a seamless user experience across desktops, laptops, and Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
Bubble Comparison Chart: Bubble Comparison Charts provide a dynamic way to present complex data sets, allowing you to compare three or more variables simultaneously. With customization options and interactive features, the solution is suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. Start utilizing them today to unlock hidden insights and convey complex information with utmost clarity.
Enable 365 Agenda - Meeting Management for Microsoft Teams: Enable 365 Agenda is a meeting planning and execution tool that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Planner, and Outlook. It offers customizable meeting agenda templates, streamlined item management, and integration with Planner for trackable tasks. The tool also provides data security and easy follow-up options. 
GoDMARC: GoDMARC is a cloud-based solution that simplifies email authentication, generates reports, and prevents phishing attacks. It offers dedicated customer support and helps align SPF and DKIM. 
Project Progress Tracker App: The Project Progress Tracking and Reporting App streamlines project management by tracking field workers, site engineers, and project managers. It offers easy task management, real-time progress tracking, and data-driven insights. The app's standout feature is its dynamic progress-tracking system, which empowers project managers to make informed decisions and allocate resources strategically. The app is mobile-compatible and customizable, making it a perfect fit for every use case.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Attollo Power BI Analytics: 3-Hour Workshop: Tailored to your organization's needs, Attollo's workshop covers Microsoft Power BI capabilities and technologies, then focuses on your specific challenges. Get started with Power BI for analytics.
Financial Document Management with Microsoft Syntex: 10-Day Implementation: Microsoft Syntex is a solution for financial teams to minimize manual efforts and maximize data accuracy. It extracts essential information from financial documents and transfers it to Microsoft SharePoint using Power Automate workflows. Creospark's implementation of Microsoft Syntex includes tailoring the standard model to one specific financial document type capable of analyzing and extracting data from three metadata fields.


Opsgility End User Productivity Workshop: Opsgility's workshop equips individuals with essential skills and knowledge to optimize productivity and effectiveness in today's digital work landscape. The workshop covers Microsoft 365 productivity tools and offers comprehensive guidance on real-time communication, seamless collaboration, and conducting online meetings.
Managed Backup for Microsoft 365: 2-Month Implementation: JBS offers a managed service for Microsoft 365 data backup, setup, and daily operations. The backed up data is stored in a separate region for added security and BCP measures. Customers can easily restore data with support from JBS engineers. This offer is available only in Japanese.
Audit Log Container for Microsoft 365: 3-Month Implementation: Available only in Japanese, JBS's SaaS service provides long-term storage of Microsoft 365 audit logs, eliminating the need for separate tools. The service includes a connector for easy data retrieval and is ideal for those who want to outsource log management and reduce costs.
Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Copilot: 1 Hour Envisioning Workshop: Microsoft 365 Copilot uses AI algorithms to create documents, presentations, meeting minutes, and emails with just a text prompt. Cognizant's Copilot for Microsoft 365 workshop covers the Copilot capabilities that can improve workplace productivity and the employee experience. 
Enabling Business Agility with Low-Code Power Platform Solutions: 1-Hour Workshop: Cognizant's workshops empower businesses to build low-code applications and process automation capabilities, providing access to Microsoft Power Platform developer resources for complex use-cases. The offering is ideal for E3/E5 Microsoft 365 subscribers, helping teams solve business challenges with business applications, automation, and modern tooling.
AlfaPeople Application Management Services: AlfaPeople's Application Management Services provide comprehensive support for Microsoft business applications, including training, enhancements, and change management. Services include support, assessment, training, solution design, and implementation. Prices start at a 32-hour monthly plan and can be increased as needed.
Asset Manager: 5-Day Implementation: Creospark Asset Manager simplifies asset management by allowing organizations to effortlessly monitor and manage a diverse range of assets, including computers, mobile phones, cameras, and monitors. The integration of QR codes simplifies tracking, providing instant access to the app and improving the efficiency of your asset management process. 
Viva Connections Employee Experience Engagement: Revolutionize your intranet with Microsoft Viva Connections and Viva Engage. Forefront will create an interactive environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and community within your organization. Unlock the full potential of Viva Connections and Viva Engage for enhanced productivity and enriched workplace culture.
Imperium Center of Excellence for Power Platform Pro: Imperium Dynamics offers a comprehensive solution for developing, implementing, and managing Microsoft Power Platform solutions at scale. It focuses on nurturing citizen development through training and identifying leaders. The offer includes a CoE strategy, starter kit, team training, and ongoing support services. The Pro Package includes setting up Dataverse, security, governance, and telemetry monitoring.
Pharmacy Retailers: 2-Week Proof of Concept: The Solution Consulting's Pharm@C add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 caters to the unique needs of pharmaceutical businesses. It offers seamless in-store and e-commerce integration, personalized shopping journeys, end-to-end pharmaceutical functionality, integrated insurance management, AI-enhanced insights, security, compliance, and scalability.
Advania Training - Bronze Package: Advania offers training packages for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that include online sessions with consultants covering Microsoft Learn, online help content, interface customization, commonly used reports, and customer/vendor entry balancing. 
Imperium Center of Excellence for Power Platform Plus: Imperium Dynamics offers a comprehensive solution for developing, implementing, and managing Microsoft Power Platform solutions at scale, focusing on nurturing citizen development through training and identifying leaders. The Plus Package includes setting up Dataverse, security and governance overview, telemetry monitoring, and training on best practices. Ongoing support services are also provided.
Teams Phone Transformation: 3-Month Pilot: Cyclotron offers a 90-day pilot of Microsoft Teams Phone for up to 50 users. The service provides enterprise-grade communication features and a simplified, converged communication and collaboration experience. Cyclotron's approach consists of three phases: envision, enable, and expand. The engagement includes workshops, planning sessions, and user feedback collection. Outcomes include a Teams Phone enablement roadmap, configuration of a scalable solution, and user quick start guides. 
Imperium Center of Excellence for Power Platform Standard: Imperium Dynamics' Standard Package is a comprehensive solution for developing, implementing, and managing Microsoft Power Platform solutions at scale. It focuses on nurturing citizen development and includes training and support for non-technical users. Ongoing support services are provided.
Managed Services - Business Intelligence Reporting: Business Intelligence Managed Services offers a comprehensive solution for all your BI needs, including data integration, report design, and security. Experts will connect your data sources, design interactive reports, and implement best practices for securing and managing your Microsoft Power BI environment. 
Asset Under Management Dashboard: UB Technology Innovations' AUM dashboard provides customizable data visualization and reporting capabilities for the financial industry. It enables quick decision-making, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures compliance with data security regulations. The modular approach allows different users to customize their views, promoting collaboration and tailored insights. Benefits include time and resource savings, enhanced reliability and data security, and improved decision-making.
Digitalizing a Business Process: 10-Day Implementation: Talan will implement a low-code app and project planning solution that offers quick results, covers all client needs, adapts to nomadic populations with responsive applications, and has an intuitive and modern interface. The solution includes Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI and is usable on PC, mobile, and tablet. 
Windows 365 Implementation: Officeline will implement Windows 365, a cloud-based service that creates a dedicated Windows device for each user, providing productivity, security, and collaboration benefits. Windows 365 is accessible from anywhere and can be provisioned through a seven-phase process.
Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Start&Go: 5-Week Implementation: AlfaPeople offers a program to train and work with businesses to build low-code apps using Microsoft Power Platform. The program includes training sessions, digital transformation workshops, and implementation of a high-priority minimal viable product. The outcome is a trained team, organized backlog items, and a roadmap for future enhancements.
Mail Exchange Spooler: 2-Week Consulting Service: IT Partner's MX Spooler Service ensures seamless email flow during tenant-to-tenant migrations in Microsoft 365, preventing NDRs and bounced emails. This enhances efficiency and maintains uninterrupted business communication. Success criteria include no lost incoming emails during migration.
Microsoft Supply Chain Platform: 12-Week Implementation: Protiviti will implement the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform to provide end-to-end transparency and control of processes and data across supply chain management and ERP systems. It enables a connected supply chain ecosystem, reduces risk, improves efficiency and productivity, and creates sustainable and secure value chains. Implementation activities include stakeholder interviews, requirements gathering, solution design, and deployment. 
Viva Insights Employee Experience Engagement: Forefront's offering uses Microsoft Viva Insights, Pulse, and Glint to improve employee wellbeing and engagement. It includes onboarding, training, and ongoing support, as well as optimization through feedback mechanisms and integration with existing systems. 
Monitoring Bundle for Microsoft 365: 1-Month Implementation: JBS offers around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance services for Microsoft 365 with early anomaly detection, user notification, and automatic maintenance and license usage updates. JBS engineers provide support and reduce operational workload. This offer is available only in Japanese.
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Start&Go: 5-Week Implementation: AlfaPeople Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service enhances customer service levels and facilitates call tracking, SLA control, and communication with clients. It offers advanced localization, exports, processes, panels, and Microsoft Excel reports. Boost productivity, processes efficiency, and customer experience.
Get Started with Microsoft Viva: Forefront offers a customizable Microsoft Viva journey to create an integrated and intuitive employee experience that enables efficient work without changing context. The initial session is the foundation for a tailor-made Viva solution that aligns with specific requirements. 
Endpoint Management Modernization with Security Workshop: C1st Technologies' Endpoint Management Modernization with Security Workshop helps businesses enhance their security posture. The workshop covers the benefits of Secure Score and Microsoft 365 Defender, modernizing endpoint management with Microsoft Intune, and security best practices. C1st Technologies provides a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations for remediation. Let C1st Technologies guide you through the intricacies of security recommendations, benchmarks, actionable insights, and endpoint management.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop: 2-Day Workshop: Insight's Microsoft 365 Copilot Workshop helps organizations understand the benefits of AI and how it can enhance productivity, creativity, and innovation. The workshop provides an assessment of readiness, effective use cases, and a plan for implementation. Attendees receive an overview of the product, technical requirements, and a recommended roadmap. The workshop is suitable for organizations interested in investing in Microsoft 365 Copilot licensing or curious about the solution's capabilities.
Company Document Migration to SharePoint Online or Teams: 7-Day Consulting Service: Migrating to Microsoft SharePoint Online or Teams streamlines data management and enhances team productivity by consolidating resources into a single, efficient platform. IT Partner's service offers a centralized and secure environment for storage, collaboration, and real-time access from any device, ensuring that Microsoft 365 serves as a robust and unified hub for effective document management and collaboration. The project includes data assessment, migration planning, and cutover, with the success criteria being the migration of data to SharePoint Online and Teams with metadata.
Dynamics 365 Sales Start&Go: 5-Week Implementation: AlfaPeople Start&Go Sales for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is low-cost sales force automation solution that provides out-of-the-box sales best practices, compliance with anti-spam rules, and a 360-degree view of leads, accounts, and contacts. The solution simplifies operational tasks, allowing longer engagement time with customers, and enables quick management analysis and reorientation of team efforts.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights: 6-Week Implementation: Edit's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights unifies customer data and provides AI insights to enable personalized customer experiences. The solution integrates with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Journeys and Sales, as well as third-party systems. Edit's accelerator package includes platform licensing advice, configuration, and implementation.
Apply Information Rights Management Protection to Email: 5-Day Consulting Service: IT Partner's service enhances Microsoft 365 by implementing information rights management (IRM) for email protection. It ensures sensitive information remains secure, complies with regulations, and allows confident collaboration with external parties while preventing unauthorized access or sharing. IRM protection is necessary for sharing confidential information, collaborating on sensitive projects, communicating with external parties, and complying with regulations. Success criteria include successfully applying IRM protection to emails and protecting information from unauthorized access or disclosure.
Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Start&Go: 5-Week Implementation: AlfaPeople Start&Go for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a low-cost solution for managing mass emails within Dynamics 365. It offers out-of-the-box marketing best practices and compliance with anti-spam rules. The solution includes a 360-degree view of leads, customer portfolio segmentation, marketing plan and campaign control, lead generation, and evaluation of campaign results.
Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Workshop: Crayon's Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Workshop offers businesses an introduction to AI and Microsoft Azure OpenAI, clarifies licensing prerequisites, reviews data governance, and provides strategies for user onboarding and future integrations. The workshop ensures businesses are equipped to navigate AI effectively and safely. 
Viva Learning Employee Experience Engagement: Forefront provides expertise in optimizing learning platforms in Microsoft Teams, integrating various content sources and prioritizing an understanding of your organizational priorities and culture. The engagement ensures a seamless integration into employees' daily routines for continuous growth and success.
Microsoft Teams Rooms Pilot: 45-Day Implementation: AVI-SPL, a digital workplace services provider, provides a Microsoft Teams Rooms pilot program that includes installation services and the use of certified Teams Rooms hardware. AVI-SPL offers the pilot in the US, UK, Canada, Dubai, Germany, and Ireland. The pilot scope does not include integration with third-party systems.
Accelerate Your Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Microsoft Viva Goals, Viva Connections, and Viva Insights streamline business and increase employee productivity. Hitachi Solutions offers a proof of concept to jump-start your employee experience journey and turn your Viva investment into business value. Gain a unified view of employee experience, consolidate information into Teams, and reduce employee functions for a positive user experience.
Conference Solution in Microsoft 365: Bouvet's Microsoft 365 solution streamlines event planning and knowledge sharing for organizers, speakers, and attendees, integrating Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint, and Teams to create and manage lectures, schedules, and statistics. The solution requires installation and setup in the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant, but no additional licenses for end users. 
Teams Rooms Pilot: SCC will deploy, adopt, administer, and maintain Microsoft Teams Rooms in a small-scale environment, enabling users to connect across the hybrid workplace, gain visibility into meeting usage, and discover device partnerships. The pilot includes assessment, provisioning up to 25 Teams Rooms and joint deployment plans.
Power BI: 1-Week Workshop: Exigo Tech offers a one-week Microsoft Power BI workshop to help businesses convert raw data into actionable insights. The workshop includes a discovery session, scoping and solution design, and a rundown with stakeholders. The outcome is a tailored Power BI solution, expert guidance on licensing and implementation, and ongoing support for solution management. 
Microsoft Defender for Identity Professional Security Services: Deployment in as Little as 6 Weeks: Difenda's Microsoft Defender for Identity Professional Security Services fortify Microsoft Entra ID environments for E5 customers. Difenda tailors its approach to unique security needs and business goals, rapidly deploys technology, ensures compliance, and empowers teams. The service integrates with Microsoft Sentinel, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Cloud, and Defender for Office 365.

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