New on Azure Marketplace: March 8-14, 2024
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 191 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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ADDENDA: This integrated suite of plug-and-play solutions from ADDENDA is designed for the automotive claims and aftersales market. Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) package, it integrates with automotive dealer management systems and includes computer vision AI for vehicle inspections and damage detection and repair. It can also optimize shop productivity and communication with customers and insurers.
Kezzler Connected Products Platform: Kezzler's cloud-based platform provides unit-level traceability for brands to meet customer and government requirements, improve supply chain control, and gain insights across the entire value chain. Highly scalable and flexible, with a rich set of APIs, the platform can handle massive product volumes and uses Kezzler's patented core technologies for easy integration into the customers' existing IT/OT architecture. 
Limitless Digital Workplace News Portal: Limitless Digital Workplace News Portal integrates Microsoft 365 communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams, Viva, and SharePoint, to provide predefined templates for corporate news and content management. It allows easy and quick content creation, push notifications, and error reporting functionality. The portal is customizable and offers a repository of images and photos. 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7: This offer from Nuvemnest provides an image containing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is an open-source Linux distribution developed by Red Hat and powers technologies for automation, cloud, containers, middleware, storage, application development, microservices, virtualization, management, and more.
TeamViewer Frontline - Enterprise Augmented Reality: TeamViewer Frontline is an industrial augmented reality platform that empowers frontline workers with visual, interactive, and immersive productivity solutions for work processes. The application enables companies to improve process speeds and productivity by up to 40 percent, reduce error rates with up to 100 percent output accuracy, and build a more satisfied and connected workforce.

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Agisko Professional Services: Agisko's consultancy services are aimed at assisting customers in optimizing their use of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.  Their suite of specialized services can be tailored to your specific business requirements and include project implementations, on-site support, and ongoing operational assistance. For maximum flexibility, a consultancy credit system is also provided.
Open AI Center of Excellence: Implementation: Empower your business with the strategic advantage of artificial intelligence through Antares' OpenAI Center of Excellence (CoE) service. This implementation covers governance, reference architecture, development and deployment processes, and responsible AI framework. This solution is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI for data security and governance. 
Accelerated GitHub: 3-Day Customizable Training: This course by Atmosera combines GitHub Copilot and GitHub Actions training to equip learners with the knowledge and tools needed to streamline development workflows, enhance productivity, and optimize cloud-based solutions on Microsoft Azure. The training covers best practices and features and benefits of GitHub Copilot and GitHub Actions syntax. 
Cloud-Ready Applications: Axians offers a range of services to help clients get started with Microsoft Azure or extend their existing usage. Their certified engineers will provide assessment and planning, migration, architecture design and optimization, security and compliance, cost management, training and support, and continuous improvement services to ensure you get the most value out of your Azure investments.
Azure Chat Solution Accelerator with OpenAI: 4-Week Implementation: TL Consulting offers this implementation service for Azure Chat and OpenAI capabilities hosted within your Microsoft Azure tenant. They provide custom use case ideation, integration, and security with streamlined and rapid prototyping and deployment. The service focuses on delivering a high-level business case to support your objectives.
Microsoft Copilot for Azure and AI Readiness: 1-Day Workshop: Click2Cloud offers a one-day workshop to help organizations identify objectives, understand key scenarios, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their readiness for adopting Microsoft Copilot for Azure. Key deliverables include an overall readiness score, defined gaps, and implementation recommendations.
Azure Data Factory on Microsoft Fabric: 4-Week Quick Start Service: DataFactZ offers a structured approach to help customers quickly and effectively get started with Azure Data Factory on Microsoft Fabric. The program will accelerate your Azure Data Factory journey, including discovery and assessment, solution design, implementation, testing, deployment, and training. Deliverables include a data environment assessment report, solution proposal, and an implemented Azure Data Factory solution with training documentation.

Azure Databricks Consumption Dashboard: 2-Week Implementation: Bizmetric will implement an easily deployable cost-monitoring pipeline to track your company's historical usage and cost of all services within Azure Databricks. They will also develop insightful reports using Microsoft Power BI to give an intuitive and detailed breakdown of how your organization can optimize its consumption of Azure Databricks.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for Admin: 2-Day Implementation: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop offers a secure remote work environment with scalable solutions that can be easily managed through the Azure portal. Public Cloud Group's service, available in German, will implement an integrated platform for efficient and flexible remote work that allows external employees or partners secure access to company systems. 
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop: 4-Day Implementation (SMB): Available only in German, this offer by Public Cloud Group is geared toward small and medium-sized businesses and implements Microsoft 365 and two custom applications, with Microsoft Entra integration and VPN access. The goal is to provide a fully integrated platform for secure remote work environment. 
Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop: 6-Day Custom Implementation: Designed for medium-sized and enterprise customers, this custom offering from Public Cloud Group provides assessment, configuration, optimization, and deployment services. It can also be implemented on Azure Stack HCI for on-premises deployment. This service is available only in German.
Application Migration to Azure: 4-Week Implementation: The experts from Systems will migrate your legacy applications to Microsoft Azure. Their process includes analysis, planning, infrastructure setup, data migration, application migration and modernization, integration, and testing.
DevOps in Azure: GitHub Copilot: 1-Week Workshop: Enhance your dev team's productivity by reducing coding errors and significantly enhance code quality through AI-driven insights in Microsoft Azure with Lunavi's GitHub Copilot workshop. The workshop provides comprehensive materials, a personalized action plan, an implementation roadmap, and follow-up consultation to ensure successful adoption. 
Cloud Services Implementation: The experts from Encora will meticulously curate the right mix of Microsoft Azure technologies to drive tangible business outcomes and future-proof your operations. Whether you're migrating applications, developing cloud-native solutions, or harnessing the power of advanced analytics and AI capabilities, Encora will guide you through every step of your Azure journey. 
Data Analytics Implementation: This service from Encora offers comprehensive data analytics solutions for businesses across industries, leveraging the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem and advanced analytics capabilities, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. Their suite of services enables you to gain deeper insights into customer behavior, optimize operations, and drive innovation. 
DevOps Services Implementation: Encora offers comprehensive and tailored DevOps-enabled Microsoft Azure implementation services, leveraging Azure-native tools and best practices to streamline development pipelines and automate deployments. Their ongoing support and optimization services ensure that businesses can focus on innovation while Encora takes care of the operational details. 
Migration and Modernization Implementation: Utilizing their expertise in Microsoft Azure technologies, Encora will build solutions that not only address your immediate migration needs but also establish a robust foundation for long-term success. Their team will evaluate existing infrastructure and workloads and provide agile and future-proof solutions aligned with your business objectives. 
Generative AI on Azure: Training: This training by KPI empowers customers with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Azure-based AI technology. It covers AI's capabilities, applications, limitations, and implementation, including security, privacy, ethical, legal, and risk considerations. The training helps organizations build, test, and deploy enterprise-ready generative AI applications. 
HPC on Azure: 6- to 10-Month Implementation: HCLTech offers high performance computing (HPC) services and solutions on Microsoft Azure, covering the entire lifecycle of HPC projects. They will help customers evaluate their current HPC environment and identify the best Azure solutions to optimize performance. Benefits include faster results, simplified migration, reduced costs, and domain expertise. 
Healthcare Cloud Migration Service: CitiusTech's service helps healthcare organizations harness the power of cloud computing to deliver scalable, cost-effective, and highly available solutions. Using Microsoft Azure Migrate and Azure Monitor, their team will migrate on-premises solutions to the cloud, modernize medical device software, and streamline upgrades with a focus on HIPAA compliance, risk assessment, and auditing. 
Healthcare Data Management and Analytics: CitiusTech offers healthcare organizations a structured way to process data for analysis and reporting. Their service includes consulting, data platform management, data management and interoperability, healthcare data expertise, verticalized platforms, and accelerators. They provide value across all healthcare verticals, including payers, providers, MedTech, and life sciences.
Microsoft Intune: 8-Week Design, Configuration, and Implementation: Avertium's endpoint management solution for Microsoft Intune streamlines onboarding of new workstations and safeguards data across all workstations and applications. Their multi-phased approach combines strategic insight with meticulous implementation support to maximize the value of Microsoft Azure. 

Store Operations Assist: Proof of Concept: Part of the Microsoft Cloud for Retail, Store Operations Assist (SOA) is an application designed to enhance the efficiency of store operations and improve the overall customer experience. Argano’s proof-of-concept will help you hit the ground running with a demonstration of a custom solution built using SOA. 

REKONCILE: 2-Week Consultation: Course5's REKONCILE accelerator lets you reconcile your sales data by auto-matching your product attributes with the marketplace product catalog and generates a unified sales report leveraging Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. This consultation will assess if the accelerator is a good fit for your business scenario and explore possibilities for developing a proof of concept.

Spyglass Innovation Hub: 12-Month Implementation: Spyglass will help customers harness the power of Microsoft Azure Open AI by providing a streamlined approach to innovation with reduced overhead, economies of scale, and proactive, cross-functional management. Deliverables include an innovation roadmap, proof of concept, minimum viable product, implementation, and training.  

Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness: 1-Day Workshop: Microsoft Copilot for Security is an AI product that helps security operations teams detect and respond to cyber threats quickly. Wipro's offering includes a readiness workshop, quick start solution, and a security engineering program for full adoption. The workshop helps identify use cases and connect customers with Microsoft and third-party security services.

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.NET 7 Software Framework Server on Debian 10
.NET 7 Software Framework Server on Debian 11
.NET 7 Software Framework Server on Linux 7.9
.NET 7 Software Framework Server on Linux Stream 8
.NET 7 Software Framework Server on Ubuntu 18.04
Amnezia VPN Server on Ubuntu 20.04
Anaconda on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Anbox Cloud
Aerospike Real Time Data Platform
Resource Monitoring Service for Azure
Bayer Growing Degree Day Calculation
Blackpoint Managed Detection Response & Remediation Security Bundle
BlueVoyant Managed Extended Detection and Response for Microsoft Sentinel
Boost Your SEO with Online Listings
Builder Studio
CentOS Stream 9
Cloud Insights Premium Edition
Cognizant Call Desk Assistant and Insights
Consul Platform on Debian 10 Minimal
Consul Platform on Debian 11 Minimal
Consul Platform on Linux 7.9 Minimal
Consul Platform on Linux Stream 8 Minimal
Consul Platform on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal
Microsoft Copilot for Security Readiness: 4-Week Assessment
Crave Retail - Smart Fitting Room + Assisted Seller
Cyberpact - Operational Technology Cybersecurity Services
Cybersecurity Office
Data Quality App for Non-Profits
Delinea Secret Server Privileged Access Management Platform
Digital Commerce Hub
Distillery Workflows - Supply Chain Automation
DocRead 365
ECHO by Selected Interventions
EduBot - University AI Chatbot Solution
Arabic Speech Transcription by Emotech
EngageAI Suite by Protasval
Enhance Customer Interactions with Conversation AI Bot
Exponent CMS
Microsoft Fabric Migration: 3-Week Assessment
Fluid Eye - Lubricants Emission Simulation
Fogwing Asset+ Smart CMMS
Folium on Debian 11
Folium on Oracle Linux 8.8
Folium on Red Hat 8.7
Folium on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Folium on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Fortinet FortiNDR Cloud for Microsoft Sentinel
FreeBSD 13.3
FruitPunch AI Challenge Based Learning
Fusion Chat AI Chatbot and Virtual Agent Solutions
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC)
Geovision Geomarketing
GL Suite Licensing and Credentialing Regulatory Solution
GLFW on Windows Server 2016
GLFW on Windows Server 2019
Go Git Service (Gogs)
Guidehouse (in)Sight Health Market Advisor
HCLTech's Cloud Block Store Services by Pure Storage
HCLTech's Cloud Security Solutions by Fortinet
HITRUST e1, i1 or r2 Certification: 6-Month Assessment
IBM FileNet Content Manager Migration to Microsoft 365 by IBM (BYOL)
Imperium Email Marketing (SaaS)
Imperium Power Platform Consulting (SaaS)
Imperium Text Messaging for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service (SaaS)
Imperium Text Messaging for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales
iPerf3 Server on Debian 10
iPerf3 Server on Debian 11
iPerf3 Server on Debian 12
iPerf3 Server on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
iPerf3 Server on Ubuntu 23.04 LTS
IronPDF Docker Container
Jina on Debian 11
Jina on Ubuntu 20.04
Jina on Ubuntu 22.04
Jupyter Notebook on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
K inventory
Kali Linux Purple on Azure
Kubernetes Server on Debian 10 Minimal
Kubernetes Server on Debian 11 Minimal
Kubernetes Server on Linux 7.9 Minimal
Kubernetes Server on Linux Stream 8 Minimal
Legal Changes Monitoring
LibrePhotos Server on Ubuntu 20.04
Lynis on Debian 11
Lynis on Oracle Linux
Lynis on Red Hat
Lynis on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Lynis on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Microsoft Fabric: 4-Week Assessment
MLflow on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Analytical Model for University Management
Mpmath on Ubuntu 20.04
Mpmath on Ubuntu 22.04
Machine Translation Gateway
Navidrome Streaming Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
Navidrome Streaming Server on Ubuntu 22.04
Navidrome Streaming Server on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
Nubovi AI FinOps Cloud Spend Forecasting and Monitoring
NumPy on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Electronic Document Management by Obsys
OnePact - Renewable Energy Management Software
OPTIBAT RTO 6 - AI-Powered Real-Time Optimization and Monitoring
OPTIBAT Studio - AI-Powered Industrial Process Optimization Tool
PhotoPrism Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
PhotoPrism Server on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
PhotoView Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal
PhotoView Server on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal
PHP on Debian 11
Previder Architecture-as-a-Service
Product Management Platform by ProductPlan
Prompt flow on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Pyramid on Debian 11
Pyramid on Oracle Linux 8.8
Pyramid on Red Hat 8.7
Pyramid on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Pyramid on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
PyTorch on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
Quantexa Decision Intelligence Platform
AI Ads: Effortless Marketing for Everyone
Academic Credit Transfer Solution (SaaS)
Security Guardian
SFTP Server with Web-Based UI on Windows
SFTP Server with Web-Based UI on Windows Server 2022
shopfloor.GPT - Industrial AI Assistant for Smart Manufacturing
Sifter - Food as Medicine
summetix Standard Subscription (SaaS)
True Sky Budgeting
Twisted on Debian 11
Twisted on Oracle Linux 8.8
Twisted on Red Hat 8.7
Twisted on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Twisted on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS CIS Level 1
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS CIS Level 2
Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal with SFTP - OpenSSH FTP Server
Ubuntu 23.04 LTS CIS Level 1
Ubuntu 23.04 LTS CIS Level 2
Ubuntu 23.10 LTS CIS Level 1
Ubuntu 23.10 LTS CIS Level 2
WhatsApp Messaging Subscription Service
Verisend BEC Protection
Virtual Career Days
VoyagerAnalytics - One Year License - Tier 1
VoyagerAnalytics - One Year License - Tier 2
Yin Collaborative Work Hub


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