Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 59
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 28 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Absolute EMR.png

Absolute EMR: Absolute EMR offers doctors a cloud-based electronic health record accessible from anywhere at any time. With a monthly subscription, doctors can manage their clinic and improve patient care from anywhere.


BeyondInsight: BeyondInsight gives you a single platform for unified privileged access management and vulnerability management. Find and profile network, web, mobile, cloud, and virtual assets, as well as privileged accounts, to ensure no gaps in coverage.

Business Central UAE localized Payroll and HRMS.png

Business Central UAE localized Payroll and HRMS: Square International Technology Consulting DMCC's module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central localizes human resources and payroll functions to meet the regulations of the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

City Solar Bench.png

City Solar Bench: SEEDiA sp. z o.o.'s solar-powered bench, part of the company's smart-city line, tackles the problem of electricity availability in public spaces. The bench has built-in batteries, and telemetrics allow for remote monitoring and management.

ClearDATA Comply.png

ClearDATA Comply: ClearDATA Comply, a HIPAA compliance solution, automatically configures services so that you know the resources you spin up are secure to process, transmit, or store sensitive data.

DeviceTone Suite for Azure IoT.png

DeviceTone Suite for Azure IoT: DeviceTone for Azure IoT is a ready-to-run IoT enablement solution that empowers product companies to deliver mass-produced connected products that can be deployed, managed, and secured at scale.

Docflow Courrier - Mail Room Document Manager.png

Docflow Courrier - Mail Room Document Manager: Prestige Informatique's Docflow Courrier automates receiving, sorting, and distribution processes for mail room documents in medium or large companies. This mail room management system is designed to handle large volumes efficiently.

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres 11.png

FUJITSU Software Enterprise Postgres 11: Enterprise Postgres 11 is based on PostgreSQL11, an open-source software database with enhanced security. Enterprise Postgres also provides PostgreSQL peripheral tools as a package. This app is available only in Japanese.

Heurist- narLIS.png - narLIS: narLIS, an anesthesia billing and liquidation system from Heurist GmbH, features invoice processing and complies with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. This offering is available only in German.

iExpress Agile for Project Online and DevOps.png

iExpress Agile for Project Online and DevOps: iExpress Agile provides project management governance over agile (scrum) and traditional projects in Microsoft Project, and it's fully integrated with DevOps systems. This app is available only in Portuguese.

IIS on Windows Server 2019.png

IIS on Windows Server 2019: This image offered by Apps4Rent contains IIS on Windows Server 2019. This version features PCI DSS v3.1 compliance and improved coalescing of connections to deliver an uninterrupted and properly encrypted browsing experience.

IKAN ALM demo.png

IKAN ALM demo: IKAN ALM is a web-based application for implementing DevOps and toolchain orchestration in distributed, mainframe, and mixed environments. Manage your application lifecycles and control the build process with IKAN ALM.

ITSCREDIT Platform.png

ITSCREDIT Platform: ITSCREDIT's omnichannel credit platform allows clients to attain total control over the credit process, from simulation to loan origination. The platform's four main modules can be quickly integrated with banking software systems.

KIQ Assure.png

KIQ Assure: KIQ Assure, a high-security solution for data in flight, enables trust environments without relying on static keys. KIQ Assure is scalable, fully auditable, and easy to install.

Novunex Platform.png

Novunex Platform: Simple and intuitive, the Novunex Platform is a low-code solution for business processes. With its process editor, everyone in your organization can create, update, and maintain processes.

Omilia Conversational AI.png

Omilia Conversational AI: Omilia's conversational self-service solution uses AI to provide enterprise-grade human-to-machine customer care experiences across customer call centers, mobile apps, smart speakers, and other channels.

Premmiar - Incentivo e Fidelizacao.png

Premmiar - Incentivo e Fidelização: Motivated employees and loyal consumers are critical to business success, and you can have both with the Premmiar platform, which allows you to create and manage incentive and loyalty programs. This app is available only in Brazilian Portuguese.

Redgate SQL Monitor.png

Redgate SQL Monitor: Proactively monitor your SQL Server estate with SQL Monitor from Redgate. SQL Monitor helps you and your team spot trends and issues so you can take action before they become a problem for your users.

Sarafan- AI-tools to collect and enrich consumers' data.png

Sarafan: AI-tools to collect and enrich consumers' data: Sarafan helps businesses better understand their customers. Sarafan collects various data with the help of AI-driven recognition tools, then matches it with customer relationship management data to provide a complete profile.

SettleMint Platform - Blockchain Platform as a Service.png

SettleMint Platform - Blockchain Platform as a Service: Accelerate your blockchain journey and deploy your own blockchain networks and services with SettleMint's distributed middleware, Mint. Mint provides a low-code platform for your cloud environment or on-premises environment.

StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365.png

StorageCraft Cloud Backup for Office 365: StorageCraft Cloud Backup provides granular protection of your business’s Office 365 data. Once this cloud backup solution is set up, backups happen automatically.

Swimlane Inc.png

Swimlane: Swimlane's Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform automates time-consuming incident response processes to help organizations more efficiently manage security alerts.

Talend Cloud Data Integration.png

Talend Cloud Data Integration: Talend Cloud is a data integration and iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) for relational databases, flat files, and cloud apps based on an open, scalable architecture. Talend Cloud features native support for Azure data services.

Telehealth platform.png

Telehealth platform: Psyalive's white-label platform aids the digital transformation of healthcare companies by enabling one-stop shopping for healthcare services. Customers can pay online and access encrypted video calls. This app is available in Portuguese and Spanish.

Tryane Analytics for Teams.png

Tryane Analytics for Teams: Use Tryane Analytics for Teams to understand how your organization is using Microsoft Teams, then set up automated workflows to help you govern. Uncover collaboration opportunities and identify your most active teams.

VAPAR Solutions Base.png

VAPAR Solutions Base: The VAPAR.Solutions Software-as-a-Service platform enables water utilities to upload video footage for deep-learning models to process. The models can then quickly identify damage or other problems with pipes.

Consulting services

Kubernetes on Azure for Developers- 2-Day Workshop.png

Kubernetes on Azure for Developers: 2-Day Workshop: This hands-on workshop from Cloud IQ Technologies is designed to give participants the opportunity to learn Kubernetes design, deployment, and management on Microsoft Azure.

Palette IoT PoCKIT.png Palette IoT PoCKIT: Gain access to an Internet of Things proof of concept in this offering from Momo Co. Ltd., available only in Japanese. Access the hardware, dashboards, and business tools required for the proof of concept by completing 12 questions.


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