Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 102
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 98 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



Ardor Node: Jelurida's Ardor multichain blockchain platform provides a parent-child chain architecture on Microsoft Azure. The parent chain provides security for the chain network, while the interoperable child chains provide scalable blockchain functionality without traditional blockchain bloat.


Asset tokenization: Hunit offers a fully featured managed platform for tokenizing assets on Stellar, an open-source payment protocol. Quickly create digitalized ownership structures for assets such as financial instruments, artwork, or real estate.


Astera Centerprise: An end-to-end integration platform, Astera Centerprise by Astera Software offers a complete suite of data management capabilities. It enables businesses to streamline integration by supporting data extraction, cleansing, transformation, and loading within a unified platform.


Autoklose: Built for entrepreneurs, sales, and marketing professionals, Autoklose by ExchangeLeads is a sales engagement platform with email outreach software. Target the right prospects, engage them with highly customized emails, and grow your business.


Automated Salesforce Case creations from Email: When creating a case in Salesforce, users normally need to manually log into Salesforce to create the case, a time-consuming task. With MOURI Tech's platform built on Microsoft Azure, you can create a case in Salesforce CRM just by sending an email, even when you are on the go.


Azure Extend by Macquarie Cloud Services: Macquarie Cloud Services, part of Macquarie Telecom Group, use managed virtual appliances to connect your Azure tenant with your datacenter so you can migrate servers on your schedule while continuing to use your existing network ingress/egress points. This app is only available in Australia.


CDM Desktop Anywhere: This managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) built by Communications Design & Management (CDM) on Windows Virtual Desktop provides a fully managed environment to support your business applications.


CentOS 7 Latest: This ready-to-launch image from contains CentOS 7 Linux with enough packages to launch SSH Server and allow users to login. This image has SELinux enabled, includes Microsoft Azure Linux Agent, and will automatically update with the latest security patches when launched.


CentOS 7 Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from contains a minimal version of CentOS 7 Linux with enough packages to launch SSH Server and allow users to login. This image has SELinux enabled and includes Microsoft Azure Linux Agent.


CentOS 8 Latest: This ready-to-launch image from contains CentOS 8 Linux with enough packages to launch SSH Server and allow users to login. This image has SELinux enabled, includes Microsoft Azure Linux Agent, and will automatically update with the latest security patches when launched.


CentOS 8 Minimal: This ready-to-launch image from contains a minimal version of CentOS 8 Linux with enough packages to launch SSH Server and allow users to login. This image has SELinux enabled and includes Microsoft Azure Linux Agent.


COVID-19 Community Screening, Testing, Tracing: Flatten the COVID-19 curve by conducting population-wide screening, testing, and contact tracing. Use a simple capture-and-communication app to conduct community screening, record infections, and perform contact tracing.


CTIA: TaaS (Traceability as a Service) is a blockchain platform for rebuilding industrial infrastructure using distributed ledger technology. With TaaS from CTIA, you can automate administrative tasks and share line-of-business information. This app is only available in Japanese.


Direct Routing: Connect your Microsoft Teams to the public phone system with the Ask Roger! Direct Routing platform on Office 365. Users can have productivity and communication tools in one app and be accessible on all of their devices with calls routed through Teams. This app is available only in Dutch.


eGoveris: Provided by everis, eGoveris is an intuitive and scalable electronic administrative management platform for public services. It offers an easy-to-implement solution with a focus on rapid digitization and use of disruptive technologies to simplify administrative procedures.


G3 CATMAN: Designed for CPG and retailers, G3 Catman by the Gensa Group combines multiple data sources on a scalable, single platform. Make assortment and merchandising decisions, understand shopper insights, and ensure retail execution and new product implementation.


Genesys Gplus Adapter for Dynamics 365: This add-in for Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves customer experience and increases agent efficiency via data-driven automation through self-service interactive voice response (IVR) applications. Enable every call to be personalized.


guardREC Teams Compliance Recording: Provide a complete audit trail with the GuardREC Compliance solution. Ensure compliance with industry-specific regulations and directives, and record and store all communications in Microsoft Teams, including voice, chats, and videos.


Harbor - Cloud Native Repository: Harbor by Linnovate is an open-source registry that secures artifacts with policies and role-based access control (RBAC), ensuring images are free from vulnerabilities. Harbor helps you manage artifacts across cloud-native compute platforms like Kubernetes and Docker.


ITG Chatbot Office 365: ITG Solutions' Chatbot Office 365 provides your users with immediate response at any time of day to queries regarding the users' Microsoft 365 adoption. The app offers solutions to facilitate the use of Microsoft 365 tools. This app is only available in Spanish.


KONIS System - digital manufacturing factory: This solution by CleverSoft provides real-time management reports, identifies bottlenecks, and uncovers production potential, helping you create a digital manufacturing factory.


Konsolute Intranet - Free Modern Intranet 365: Modernize the way you connect with your workplace by using Konsolute Intranet – Free Modern Intranet 365, an out-of-the-box solution built on the Microsoft 365 platform. Automatically provision Konsolute Intranet with the click of a button.


Lia AI Chatbot: Helping organizations easily respond to customer queries all day, any day, Lia by Codegen is a next-generation, intelligent chatbot that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and incorporates technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning.


Maritime Control Centre: Skylab Holding's Maritime Control Centre (MCC) is an integrated communication platform that focuses on digitalization for the maritime industry. Delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity protection, MCC remotely monitors ships, machines, and equipment and delivers data through IoT.


Matchwin - Automatic ledger account system: An automatic ledger account system from the FMS Group, Matchwin reconciles invoices and automatically matches up to 95 percent of transactions without any manual intervention. Its purpose is the automatic registration and closure of daily payments in your accounting or invoicing systems.


Migrate any incompatible application to Windows 10: Windows 16-bit and 32-bit applications are still needed by industry and government. You can securely and easily migrate legacy applications for Windows XP and/or Windows 7 onto 64-bit Windows 10 with this migration service from Legacy Box LTD.


MozCom: A complete digital platform for e-commerce, MozCom by Mozanta Technologies enables retail commerce providers to give an intuitive shopping experience to their end customers. Launching new brands and executing campaigns are much easier for the marketing and merchandising teams with MozCom.


My Quick Access WebPart for SharePoint: My Quick Access from nteam allows you to manage your most important links that are essential to your work on your own link dashboard on SharePoint. You can add or remove links and adjust the display order of the link tiles. This app is only available in German.


Nubiral Intelligent Forecasting: Developed for the retail, supply chain, and manufacturing industries, Nubiral uses machine learning algorithms to boost your business profitability with highly predictive forecasts. This artificial intelligence solution is available only in Spanish and English.


NVIDIA HPC SDK GPU-Optimized Image: The NVIDIA HPC SDK is a comprehensive suite of compilers, libraries, and tools to help maximize the performance and portability of HPC applications. Minimize coding time with a single, integrated suite that allows you to quickly port, parallelize, and optimize for GPU acceleration.


OneDirectory - Employee Directory Software: In large organizations, it's hard to know who's who and where everyone fits in. Vinewave's OneDirectory is a modern employee directory for Microsoft 365. OneDirectory helps your employees to connect with each other, improves collaboration, and provides insight into your organization's structure.


Openet Data Fabric (ODF): Telecom operators need a platform that can process records as they are generated. Openet’s real-time data streaming platform is designed to ingest data from internal or external systems and transform these events into a common format via a streaming messaging bus.


Profisee Master Data Management: The Profisee master data management (MDM) platform is a fast, affordable, and scalable PaaS solution to deliver trusted data across the enterprise without the cost, complexity, risk, and data domain boundaries of traditional MDM solutions.


PROGEL Booking App: COVID-19 social distancing restrictions put a limit on the number of available workstations at the office. The PROGEL Booking App provides a mechanism to balance office and remote work, allowing employees to book a desk in Microsoft Teams. This app is only available in Italian.


ResumeFree: ResumeFree's services lets you do recruitment without using resumes. The online assessment and the application screening portal measure over 175 data points to provide accurate and objective results that match the top candidates with your requirements.


Riesco: Powered by Microsoft Power BI, Riesco by the FMS Group is a universal reconciliation engine, enabling matches between different accounting and/or non-accounting entities. With Riesco, you can reduce the complexity of data load formatting, in batch or manual mode.


Smarter SaaS for M365: The Business Software Centre's Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 optimizes subscriptions with an automated, cloud-based, software asset management solution. Get a complete license overview of your Microsoft 365 purchases and usage through an automatic process.


Tag Manager: Whether you are an admin or developer, it's hard to keep the Azure Tags in your environment consistent. With Tag Manager from Cubesys, you can efficiently simplify your Azure tags, visualize tag consistency, enable tag-based automation, and leverage cost summary and chargeback.


TaskControl: For smart project management, choose TaskControl from Orbit. Providing time savings, real-time control over the course of activities, and a detailed implementation record, the app helps coordinators and managers automatically delegate tasks and manage staff, groups, and suppliers.


Tezeva: Websym Solutions' Tezeva is a cloud-native connected products platform that harnesses the power of IoT, cloud, and analytics for OEMs and their customers. The platform offers a customer-centric experience, while acting as single source of truth.


unify | HRS: This solution from Orisoft Technology provides a comprehensive range of human resources and payroll-related services. unify | HRS is a modular suite of tools that covers benefits administration, time and attendance, talent management, employee self-service, HR, payroll, and more.


WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04 with Apache Web Server: This pre-configured image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides WordPress on Ubuntu 20.04. WordPress comes pre-installed with Apache Web Server, Lets Encrypt, MariaDB, Pro FTPd, and Webmin.


WordPress Web Server on Ubuntu 18.04 + Apache SSL: This pre-configured image from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides WordPress Web Server solution on Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache SSL enabled. WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS).


WorkplaceBuddy Adoption: Help your employees adopt Microsoft 365 in a fun way through interviews, personal learning journeys, and proactive tips. WorkplaceBuddy provides an automated adoption approach for your entire workforce and a personal experience for your users.


Xceptor | Unleash your Data: Unleash your data with Xceptor, a no-code enterprise automation platform for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries. Xceptor makes data ingestion, data transformation, and process digitization easy, handling any data type, in any format, from any channel.


Zoho Analytics On-Premise (BYOL): Built with a self-service approach, Zoho Analytics On-Premise brings the power of analytics to both technical and non-technical users. This web-based BI and analytics software supports out-of-the-box integration with a variety of data sources.

Consulting services


.NET Application Modernization – 4 Day Free Assess: Cloud adoption is the new reality because of COVID-19. Hexaware Technologies' free application modernization offering aims to optimize your infrastructure costs by 15 percent and reduce cloud migration time by 25 percent.


1 week security implementation: Seepath’s Microsoft Azure cybersecurity implementation gives customers a centralized way to optimize, secure, and manage their Azure workloads. The process includes a discovery session and security analysis, identification of vulnerabilities, and delivery of recommended improvements.


5 Day Free Azure Security Assessment: Get a free assessment of your hybrid cloud environment from Seepath and make sure your Microsoft Azure assets are configured according to cybersecurity best practices. This offer includes a design review, recommendations for enhancements, and a review of in-house progress.


App Modernization Using Containers-1 Wk Assessment: Hexaware Technologies will assess how its end-to-end cloud solution, Amaze for Applications, can reduce your overall migration time by 50 percent. Re-platforming monolithic apps into containers helps organizations scale their apps while reducing the cost of ownership.


Azure 101: 1-Day Workshop: Seepath will help you understand how Microsoft Azure can accelerate your business growth and support business transformation. This workshop is for large organizations who are beginning their migration to the cloud and want to understand how Azure can impact their business.


Azure Access Management Implementation 3+ days: Optiv Security Inc. will assess and configure your organization’s Microsoft Azure identity and access management implementation to meet your business and security requirements. Optiv will define and implement policies for SSO, MFA, and RBAC, detail best practices, and more.


Azure Application Migration: 2-Hr Briefing: This in-depth conversation with certified, seasoned Microsoft Azure consultants from Accedia will prepare you for application migration to the cloud by providing a structured view of all necessary considerations.


Azure Application Migration: 3-week Implementation (UK): Improve efficiency and reduce costs by migrating your apps with Accedia, а Gold Cloud Platform Partner. You will have a production-ready Microsoft Azure environment at a fraction of the cost and effort of an in-house implementation.


Azure Application Migration: 3-week Implementation (US): Instead of maintaining your on-premises applications, move the workload to the cloud with Accedia, а Gold Cloud Platform Partner with proven competencies in cloud migration advisory, strategy formation, and implementation services.


Azure Arc Jump-Start: 3-day-Workshop: T-Systems International GmbH offers this workshop to accelerate your hybrid cloud journey. T-Systems will walk you through Microsoft Azure Arc’s capabilities, match them to your requirements, and deliver a documented architecture vision, solution outline, and next steps.


Azure Cost Optimization: 2-Week Implementation: Accedia's targeted, in-depth Microsoft Azure cost optimization implementation will help lower total cost of ownership, improve efficiency, enhance scalability, improve customer engagement, and provide rock-solid data security.


Azure Data Science UpSkilling: 2-Week Workshop: In this workshop, Volantsys Inc. will provide comprehensive data literacy training in applied data science and analytics skills. Transform your team with role-based skills that enable the collaborative development of positive business solutions.


Azure Database Migration- 1-Week Assessment: Migrating from on-premises databases like SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL to Azure can provide multiple benefits. Hexaware Technologies offers this free database assessment to help you optimize savings by up to 50 percent.


Azure Datawarehouse Migration - 6 Days Assessment: Migrate from legacy data warehouse appliances, like Teradata, Netezza, or Exadata, to Azure Synapse Analytics and reduce your total cost of ownership. Hexaware Technologies will provide you with a detailed assessment of your data warehouse landscape to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.


Azure DevOps : 5 week Implementation: Seepath will implement its DevOps Starter dashboard for Microsoft Azure infrastructure to help you develop, deploy, and monitor your apps on the Azure service of your choice in a few steps. Reduce costs, speed delivery, and increase productivity.


Azure Governance: 5-week Assessment: Get recommendations from KPCS CZ s.r.o. on how to run cloud services properly to speed up Microsoft Azure migration projects. Within Azure governance, KPCS focuses on security and compliance, identity and access management, cost optimization, and rapid deployment.


Azure IaaS Migration: 2-Weeks PoC: Assess the benefits of Microsoft Azure by having a proof of concept implemented by Accedia. You will get recommendations on Azure architecture, performance improvements, and a cost matrix.


Azure Landing Zone: 4-Wk Implementation: Engage Insight Canada Inc.’s cloud experts to plan and implement your organization's cloud transformation journey. The Azure Landing Zone engagement will leave your organization with a production-ready, well-governed, and secure Microsoft Azure environment.


Azure Migration Assessment: 3-day assessment: Ballard Chalmers will assess your readiness to migrate legacy, custom-developed business applications to Microsoft Azure, provide an estimated time and budget, and advise on the benefits of moving versus modernization.


Azure Sentinel SIEM: 4-Wk POC/POV: ITC Secure will deploy your first instance of Azure Sentinel, which you can try for four weeks for free. The proof of value delivers a comprehensive approach to event collection, threat detection, risk analysis, incident investigation, and rapid response.


Azure Site Recovery: 3-Day Implementation: Seepath will install and configure Azure Site Recovery, establishing disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to allow you to replicate up to five of your virtual machines to Microsoft Azure. Gain technical guidance and ensure that your DRaaS deployment adheres to best practices.


Azure Site Recovery: 10-Wk Implementation: This engagement with Lunavi helps replicate workloads to Microsoft Azure without adding secondary datacenter costs. Enable true business continuity and disaster recovery with minimal or no data loss by using Azure Site Recovery.


Azure VMware Migration (Linux) - 4 days-Assessment: Hexaware Technologies offers a free infrastructure assessment of your on-premises Linux machines on VMware. Using its proprietary AMAZE for Infrastructure, Hexaware can help accelerate your migration to the cloud by up to 70 percent.


Azure VMware Migration (Windows) - 4 days Assessment: Hexaware Technologies offers a free infrastructure assessment of your on-premises Windows machines on VMware. Using its proprietary AMAZE for Infrastructure, Hexaware can help accelerate your migration to the cloud by up to 70 percent.


ClideBox: Client Design: 4 hour Briefing: Are you migrating or upgrading to a new version of Windows 10? Trans4mation IT GmbH will review ClideBox, its tool for configuring Windows 10 clients on Azure-based virtual machines. On request, Trans4mation will offer you additional remote advice with one of its consultants.


Connected Platform Health & Life Sciences: 5wk Imp: Choose Microsoft Azure and the Insight Connected Platform to provide a flexible IoT solution for building smart healthcare spaces. The best-in-class IoT sensors help reduce deployment, configuration, and integration time.


Connected Platform Manufacturing: 5 Wk Imp: Insight will work with you to improve safety, ensure security, and detect manufacturing anomalies, using Microsoft Azure, Intel Vision Framework, and the Insight Connected Platform.


Connected Platform Restaurants & Retail: 5 Wk Imp: Gain complete visibility across your restaurant or retail business with the Insight Connected Platform built on Microsoft Azure. Start your journey to a more fully connected restaurant or retail environment, built with IoT.


Contactless Retail: 2 Wk - Workshop: In response to the new normal, the retail sector is turning to technology to decrease person-to-person interactions while improving revenue flow. Join this workshop with Mobiquity, a subsidiary of Hexaware Technologies, to find opportunities for app modernization.


Data Center Migration (Lift and Shift): 6 week POC: Nous Infosystems will demonstrate the benefits of migrating selected workloads to Azure Virtual Machines (VMs). The proof of concept will enable your organization’s modernization via assessment, plan, and blueprint to help ensure a successful migration to the cloud.


Data Lake Accelerator 1 day Assessment Offer: Establish an Azure Data Lake foundation in days with Bizdata. Participate in a discovery session and get a roadmap to bring together all your data assets in a central hub that accelerates data discovery, real-time reporting, and analytics.


Data Power Cloud - 5 weeks of implementation: Microsoft Azure offers a range of powerful tools for data analysis. Business & Decision will work with you to demonstrate to your business and technical teams how Microsoft Azure could help you perform better. This service is only available in French.


Database Migration Accelerator Pack : 3-Week POC: Nous Infosystems provides organizations with a 3-week engagement to help them migrate and modernize an identified database instance onto Microsoft Azure. The proof of concept can transform your on-premises SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database.


Data-Driven Business Insights: 4-Hr Workshop: Many business leaders struggle with trusting the accuracy of their data and connecting it to their needs. Intellinet experts will meet with your stakeholders to understand a current business challenge and provide a conceptual roadmap for next steps to develop data-driven business insights.


DevOps with Github: 6-Wk Assessment: Ideal for both enterprise and mid-market customers, Magenic’s DevOps GitHub Accelerator is a collaborative, time-boxed, fixed-fee engagement that provides complete short-term and long-term plans for maturing your organization's DevOps practices.


Digital Marketing OneView 1-day Assessment Offer: This framework provided by Bizdata leverages Microsoft Azure to unify multi-channel marketing campaigns into a single view, facilitating the measurement of the return on investment per campaign and against a range of targets.


Document Classification 1 day Assessment Offer: Join a discovery session with Bizdata to learn how Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services can enable automated document classification for compliance, completeness, and discoverability.


Forecasting ML Model: 4-Week implementation: MAQ Software will work with your business strategists, data scientists, and IT business heads to help them forecast key metrics and gather key insights with a reliable machine learning model built on the Azure Databricks platform using Python.


Genomics Pipeline 1 day Assessment Offer: To enable the increased demand for next-generation sequencing, Genomics Pipeline Acceleration OnDemand from Bizdata provides a secure platform that significantly accelerates genomic analysis on Microsoft Azure.


Kentico Xperience Migration: 5-Day Implementation: Are you looking to modernize your Kentico Xperience architecture? Let Discover IT UK LIMITED solve your datacenter hosting headaches by migrating Kentico Xperience CMS to Microsoft Azure, ensuring that your web presence is scalable, secure, and cost effective.


Mainframe Modernization: 10 days - Assessment: Hexaware Technologies can help accelerate your migration to Microsoft Azure by up to 50 percent through to automation. You will get an initial assessment of your on-premises mainframe landscape and an Azure migration roadmap with an indicative ROI.


Modernize Open Source Apps: 3-Wk Assessment: Magenic will use its Cloud Readiness Accelerator to build a complete action plan with a target reference architecture for modernizing your open-source applications. Deliverables include an Agile plan, team model, backlog, DevOps plan, and proof of concept.


One Week Cloud Security Assessment: If you want to move to the cloud, Trustmarque Solutions Limited’s Cloud Security Assessment will help define your security strategy, providing an end-to-end security review of your whole IT environment. These workshops focus on due diligence, security, and ensuring compliance from day one.


Oracle DB for Guidewire on Azure - 1 Week Assessment: Hexaware Technologies can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your on-premises Oracle Database for your Guidewire applications and give recommendations for the migration journey to Microsoft Azure.


PeopleSoft on Azure – 1 Week Assessment: Hexaware Technologies will use its proprietary tool, AMAZE for Infrastructure, to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your on-premises Peoplesoft landscape and give detailed recommendations for your migration to the cloud.


Rapid Data Insights: 2-Wk Implementation: Intellinet's data analytics and reporting experts will work with your team to provide you with high-value reports for data-driven business decisions, extensible data connectivity and availability within the cloud, and a high-level roadmap.


SAP on Azure – 1-Week Assessment: Hexaware Technologies will assess your on-premises SAP landscape to help accelerate your cloud migration by up to 50 percent. Hexaware will consider scenarios such as a lift and shift to Azure or a lift and migrate to Azure, with a goal of enabling a smooth and predictable transition to the cloud.


SAP on Azure Migration: 1-Wk Landscape Assessment: Kochasoft’s SAP architects will provide a detailed Azure migration path that can help you achieve up to 50 percent cost savings. Kochasoft will propose a customizable plan to migrate your legacy SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure.


SAP on Azure Migration: 8-Wk Implementation: KochaSoft cloud architects specialize in helping customers harness the power of Microsoft Azure and SAP’s digital platforms. The team will provide a custom-designed workload migration plan for your company to migrate SAP workloads to Azure.


SQL Migration Configuration Assessment: 1-Day: Open Sky Data Systems will analyze your current SQL configuration to assess the feasibility to migrate data to Microsoft Azure. The deliverables include a report detailing the recommended migration approach and a time/cost estimate for performing the migration.


XR Art of Possible - Workshop - 4 Hours: Using the power of cognitive and compute services on Microsoft Azure, Hexaware Technologies' workshop provides a deep dive into the world of extended reality (XR). The workshop will help you understand the possibilities of XR and computer vision.


Zerto to Azure: 10-Week Implementation: Avoid costly outages and implement disaster recovery and automatic failover with Zerto from Lunavi. Publish data into Microsoft Azure, so accessibility and maintenance of information can be taken care of at the back end.

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