Azure Marketplace new offers – August 31, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 108 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Advanced HIMS.png

Advanced HIMS: KareXpert Hospital Information Software (HIMS) streamlines and automates hospital and healthcare organization processes. Efficiently manage patient information with a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) for better patient outcomes.

Airsonic Advanced Server on Debian 10.jpg

Airsonic Advanced Server on Debian 10: Use Airsonic Advanced to create a media streaming system on your PC and stream to multiple players simultaneously. It supports on-the-fly conversion and streaming of nearly any audio format, including WMA, FLAC, APE, Musepack, WavPack, and Shorten.

Airsonic Advanced Server on Debian 11.jpg

Airsonic Advanced Server on Debian 11: Airsonic Advanced lets you enjoy the music on your PC from remote devices. Use it to share music with friends or listen to your collection at home while you work. It supports many formats and can transcode files into the format you need for each device.

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 18.04.jpg

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 18.04: This easy-to-use utility lets you save your music on one device and play it on multiple connected ones. It browses efficiently through large media libraries, easily processing hundreds of gigabytes of music in any format that can stream over HTTP.

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 20.04.jpg

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 20.04: Airsonic Advanced lets you stream your music library from the PC where you keep it to multiple connected devices. While optimized for MP3, it works for any audio or video format that can stream over HTTP, such as AAC and OGG.

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 22.04.jpg

Airsonic Advanced Server on Ubuntu 22.04: With its clear, intuitive web interface, Airsonic Advanced makes it easy to browse your entire music collection and play it from any connected device. It also includes an integrated podcast receiver with many convenient, familiar features.

Akamai Page Integrity Manager.png

Akamai Page Integrity Manager: This script compliance solution from Akamai provides robust client-side protection for your website to defend against JavaScript threats and user data theft, helping compliance and security teams meet the latest script security requirements and safeguard payment card data. This B2B platform for the fashion industry helps designers and buyers collaborate more effectively by streamlining design communication and decision-making processes with dynamic collaboration. It provides real-time updates and speeds up many design and sourcing manual processes.

Analyse, React, Measure.png

Analyze, React, Measure: ARM modules from Armadillo Analytics let you analyze your data, react to insights, and measure the effectiveness of those actions. The ARM Hub is an industry integrator that connects data sources and smart equipment to companies and consultants across many industries.

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Debian 10.jpg

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Debian 10: AzuraCast provides everything you need to set up a web radio station in minutes, with a complete DJ management suite that adds and manages remote DJs so they can connect to your AzuraCast instance. Track listeners over time and view listener count reports.

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Debian 11.jpg

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Debian 11: AzuraCast provides a convenient, powerful web-based media management suite that lets you manage your music library entirely online. Use its WebDJ feature to broadcast live from your PC to your stream server without having to download additional software.

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 18.04.jpg

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 18.04: Radio stations around the world use AzuraCast to power their stations thanks to its modern codebase, global crowdsourced localizations, and cross-platform flexibility. Use it to effortlessly manage your own radio station.

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 20.04.jpg

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 20.04: AzuraCast is highly efficient software that lets you upload songs, edit metadata, preview songs, and organize your collection. Add the music to standard-rotation playlists and broadcast live directly from your browser, no extra software required.

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 22.04.jpg

AzuraCast Web Radio Server on Ubuntu 22.04: Use AzuraCast, a simple and efficient solution to host your own web radio station and take advantage of detailed analytics on your station’s listeners over time, including granular details like a song’s impact on listener count.

Biz-Metric Document Processing with Azure OpenAI Service.png

Biz-Metric Document Processing with Azure OpenAI Service: Use Biz-Metric to take advantage of the latest large language models (LLMs) to solve document automation challenges. Do more with limited resources and data using improved generative AI-powered learning.

BOT Shreyasi.png

BOT Shreyasi: This next-generation virtual voice conversational AI agent speaks to your customers in over 15 regional languages. Solving 80% of repetitive queries with ease, it automates online chats and conversations on the phone, with accurate data, upgraded analytics, and no waiting time or missed calls.

Brick Insurance Platform Enterprise Edition.png

Brick Insurance Platform Enterprise Edition: Available in Spanish, this platform from Finansystech provides all the modules your company needs to enter the world of open insurance, which democratizes loans and various financial products so that banks and institutions can share data.

AudioRadio Streaming.png

Broadcast.Radio Audio Streaming: This robust platform lets you stream your radio station to any web-enabled device, anywhere in the world. It integrates fully with Myriad Playout cloud and studio systems, and management is simple using the Broadcast.Radio portal.

CentralHub CRM.png

CentraHub CRM: CentraHub solves complex business challenges through increased automation and multi-capability solutions, enabling digital transformation for businesses of any size. It seamlessly integrates sales, marketing, and service automation on a single platform.

CloudAtlas Landing Zone.png

CloudPilot Landing Zone: Simplify your cloud transition and optimize your existing infrastructure with the CloudPilot Landing Zone. It standardizes deployments to ensure security and compliance, optimize costs, and implement robust disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.


CloudSocial: With CloudSocial, you can respond quickly to real-time customer feedback, analyze and monitor trends in customer sentiment, and monitor keywords to improve the reach of your business via social media channels. Schedule or instantly post across profiles and respond to inbox messages directly.


co-createIOx: Use co-createIOx to let employees, partners, and customers collaborate with a simple but powerful platform. Use it to tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of all stakeholders and create a sense of ownership, engagement, and loyalty.

Contentsquare Apps.png

Contentsquare Apps: Optimize the user experience of your app with powerful mobile analytics and intuitive visualizations. Contentsqure Apps goes beyond traditional touch and tap analytics with zone-based heat mapping, journey analysis, and mobile session replay for fast user behavior insights.

Contentsquare Find & Fix.png

Contentsquare Find & Fix: Use Contentsquare Find & Fix to deliver seamless digital experiences by spotting errors that impact your business. Text search finds sessions where users encounter error messages, and session replay lets you experience what customers do so you can pinpoint errors.

Contentsquare Retail Media.png

Contentsquare Retail Media: Retailers can use Contentsquare Retail Media to give brands self-serve access to online performance of products they sell. Together, retailers and brands can improve digital shopping and retail media performance that drives product sales and revenue.


Contractzy: Contractzy is a management system for identifying, monitoring, and ensuring strict adherence to contractual obligations and regulatory compliance mandates throughout the contract life cycle in the automotive, insurance, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Datalynx DMS.png

Datalynx Data Management Services: Datalynx offers data transformation solutions so non-specialists can deliver faster results with fewer resources and no data errors, even with complex migrations. Modernize legacy data, integrating it with live data on new analytics platforms for better insights.


DataMapper: DataMapper is a data discovery tool that scans local and cloud-based systems for sensitive information in minutes. It’s a user-friendly, no-code tool that requires no IT support for setup and finds files and emails containing sensitive terms under the GDPR and helps spot inappropriate workflows.

dbForge SQL Complete.png

dbForge SQL Complete: This add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio enhances SQL coding and helps prevent errors with context-aware suggestions, formatting with CLI support, refactoring, and a built-in T-SQL debugger.


DocShifter: Create your own document conversion workflow with a friendly drag-and-drop web interface, configure steps to match your specific conversion needs, and save your workflows and configurations. DocShifter takes on repetitive tasks so you can focus on more pressing activities.


EAZY DMS: This distributor management software tracks secondary sales and streamlines key factors of channel sales for faster stock replenishment and reduced inventory carrying costs. EAZY DMS gives you greater channel visibility without the hassle of changing systems at the distributor’s end.


EFFORT: This solution from Spoors helps growing businesses manage customer acquisition, service, and operations challenges. Its flexible, no-code platform is highly customizable, making it a productive operational efficiency and workflow management tool for many industries.


EFFORT Customer Page: Easily create and manage complex workflows with EFFORT, the app that revolutionizes customer experience by allowing them to raise tickets, track progress, provide consent, register products, give instant feedback, and stay informed about offers and product launches.

Ekatm ERP Suite.png

Ekatm ERP Suite: This enterprise resource planning solution helps small manufacturing businesses in India streamline processes, reduce operational costs, save manual effort, and increase overall productivity, with modules to manage sales, purchases, inventory, production, finance, and help desk.

Evia Sign.png

Evia Sign: Empower your team with streamlined document signing-related operations available anywhere, at any time. Evia Sign offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, hybrid work environment.

ExtraaEdge Application Management System.png

ExtraaEdge Application Management System: With the ExtraaEdge application management system, you can digitize your application forms and make them accessible to every applicant. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, applicants can easily fill out and submit their forms online.

Firebird 3.0 Server on Debian 10.jpg

Firebird 3.0 on Debian 10: Firebird 3.0 is an open-source relational database management that delivers powerful database capabilities. It allows multiple clients to connect and interact with the database concurrently, facilitating collaborative work and supporting the needs of complex applications.

Firebird 3.0 Server on Debian 11.jpg

Firebird 3.0 on Debian 11: With robust features and seamless integration with Debian 11, Firebird 3.0 empowers businesses of all sizes to store, access, and manipulate data efficiently. It’s engineered to handle large datasets and complex transactions for optimal performance.

Firebird 3.0 Server on Ubuntu 18.04.jpg

Firebird 3.0 on Ubuntu 18.04: Firebird 3.0 builds upon the success of its predecessors and introduces a host of new features and improvements. One key advantage is scalability: Firebird 3.0 Server can efficiently handle your data and adapt to your organization’s evolving needs.

Firebird 3.0 Server on Ubuntu 20.04.jpg

Firebird 3.0 on Ubuntu 20.04: Firebird 3.0 incorporates data encryption to enhance the security of your data at rest. It uses the DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm by default, ensuring sensitive data remains protected from unauthorized access.

Firebird 3.0 Server on Ubuntu 22.04.jpg

Firebird 3.0 on Ubuntu 22.04: Firebird 3.0 brings significant improvements in performance and scalability. Its new engine architecture enables lightning-fast data processing, making it an ideal choice for high-performance applications.

flowww Customer Portal.png

flowww: Elevate your healthcare or beauty business with flowww, the digital ecosystem that optimizes your processes, strengthens your marketing, and connects you to your clients. Provide around-the-clock smart scheduling, manage your sales policy, and provide a personalized space for each client.


flowww Customer Portal: Connect with your audience through any digital channel and make it easy for clients to book and change appointments and take advantage of online sales. This add-on requires a flowww license before signing up.

Health Compiler - Health Integration Solution.png

Health Compiler - Health Integration Solution: Health Compiler captures common metrics from wearable devices and consumer medical devices as well as electronic health records to identify the support needed for member outreach and proactive care management initiatives.

IDECSI Detox for Microsoft 365.png

IDECSI Detox for Microsoft 365: Available in French and English, IDECSI Detox is a ready-to-use solution for IT teams and users to target shared data with high and potentially dangerous permissions and remediate them with ease on the Microsoft 365 tenant.

Insurance CRM.png

Insurance CRM: The XPCover customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides brokers and agents with a robust platform to cultivate and nurture strong customer relationships by centralizing customer data, communication history, and policy details for efficient marketing and follow-ups.

IoT Bridge for Snowflake.png

IoT Bridge for Snowflake: This tool from Cirrus Link Solutions connects manufacturing and operational technology (OT) data using the open standard MQTT Sparkplug, making it available in a code-free, easily implemented solution that transforms data for organizations to derive insights.

KareXpert Cloud Based EMREHR.png

KareXpert Cloud Based EMR/EHR: This cloud-based electronic medical and health record solution lets healthcare professionals digitize and centralize patient records, eliminating the need for paper-based documentation and significantly reducing administrative burdens while minimizing the risk of errors.

Kweevo Automated Analytics for Businesses.png

Kweevo Automated Analytics for Businesses: This analytics platform offers pre-built, automated apps and dashboards designed to help businesses accelerate insight generation. Get instant business intelligence with these no-code solutions and make data-driven business decisions.

Kweevo Supply Chain.png

Kweevo Supply Chain: This AI-powered supply chain and carbon intelligence platform hosts a suite of innovative and automated digital apps that generate supply chain and carbon intelligence to help businesses digitize, visualize, analyze, optimize, and decarbonize their supply chains.


Maventra: Maventra is an AI-powered, multi-lingual hybrid training platform and conversational chatbot that seamlessly integrates face-to-face learning with online self-paced courses, assessments, and immersive experiences, allowing you to extend training offerings beyond geographical boundaries.


Micsure: Micsure is a micro insurance product configurator that allows customers to tailor coverage by selecting specific risks they want to protect against. Users can opt for short-term coverage, adjust levels, and even pause or resume their policies as needed, all in an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

MNZ Reach Zero.png

MNZ Reach Zero: Empower your people to accelerate the world’s path to net zero carbon emissions with Reach Zero, a platform designed to make your organization part of the climate solution by encouraging, supporting, and incentivizing positive climate action.

Modern Data Mart.png

Modern Data Mart: Available only in German, Modern Data Mart uses Microsoft Azure Data Factory to effortlessly build and populate small data warehouses and their source databases, delivering a seamless and optimized data management experience.

Monit Server on Debian 10 Minimal.jpg

Monit on Debian 10 Minimal: Monit provides a robust solution to monitor and manage servers effectively, enabling administrators to stay informed about system status, receive alerts, and take automated actions when necessary.

Monit Server on Debian 11 Minimal.jpg

Monit on Debian 11 Minimal: With Monit, you can monitor various aspects of your server such as processes, files, directories, and system resources. Configure it to periodically check the status of these components and take correct actions if any issues are detected.

Monit Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal.jpg

Monit on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal: Whether you run a personal website or manage a complex network infrastructure, Monit provides the necessary tools to optimize the server’s functionality. Proactively address any potential issues with its real-time alerts and notifications.

Monit Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal.jpg

Monit on Ubuntu 20.04 Minimal: Use Monit to effortlessly monitor critical server components like CPU usage, memory utilization, disk space, and network connectivity. Instant alerts and notifications keep you informed about any deviations or potential issues so you can take action.


Mtix360: Mtix360 is office management software used by corporate teams and individuals to capture and map their ideas, chat and collaborate with their team, and plan and manage their workloads in a more engaging and promising manner, wherever they are.


PingSafe: PingSafe quickly scans your entire cloud infrastructure from an attacker’s point of view, then identifies, prioritizes, and automatically remediates issues. Its deep cloud analysis helps you understand the complex relationships between your cloud assets and external events, helping you prioritize risks.

Playmaker Manufacturing.png

Playmaker Implementation: PID Playmaker Manufacturing is a process intelligence platform for the manufacturing industry that provides effective solutions to operational and strategic challenges. It helps address distortions in inventory levels, flow of materials, and flow of cash with a single source of truth.

Playmaker Subscription.png

Playmaker Subscription: PID Playmaker Manufacturing is a process intelligence platform for the manufacturing industry that provides effective solutions to operational and strategic challenges. It helps address distortions in inventory levels, flow of materials, and flow of cash with a single source of truth.

Policy Acceptance System with Microsoft 365 Integration.png

Policy Acceptance System with Microsoft 365 Integration: This easy solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 to simplify the policy compliance process. Administrators create custom email messages which are sent to users, who only need to click a button to indicate their acceptance of a policy. is a communication management platform that automates all communication in 10 Indian languages on calls, WhatsApp, email, and SMS. Use it to center your business around customers and streamline the process of communicating with them.


Quickest: Quickest is a sales automation platform designed specifically to streamline sales processes and boost growth. Companies can use Quickest to replace the manual work of creating proposals in Microsoft Word and maintaining leads in Excel, saving time and increasing sales.


Recibo: Recibo is an omnichannel sales and distribution solution that combines real-time orders, payment management, delivery, and retail execution. Its advanced, scalable workflows, forms, business rules, dashboards, and reports are configurable to fit your specific needs.

Self Service Portal for NCE Licenses with Microsoft 365 Integration.png

Self Service Portal for NCE Licenses with Microsoft 365 Integration: VLAN Technology offers a user-friendly self-service portal that integrates with Microsoft 365 to simplify the process of adding or removing NCE licenses in supported countries.

Simple Claims and Leaves with Microsoft 365 Integration.png

Simple Claims and Leaves with Microsoft 365 Integration: Using the Microsoft 365 calendar, VLAN Technology’s integrated claims and leaves system offers a centralized platform to manage and track employee leave for companies in supported countries.

Smart Captain - Kitchen.png

Smart Captain - Kitchen: The Smart Captain Kitchen Management Solution streamlines and optimizes kitchen operations in the food service industry. Use it to enhance operational efficiency, reduce waste, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize resource allocation.

Smart Captain - Wines.png

Smart Captain - Wines: The Smart Captain Wine Shop Management Solution simplifies daily operations of wine shops. Use it to reduce manual effort, minimize errors, and improve overall productivity. Key features include stock tracking, inventory optimization, vendor management, and more.

SMART Digital Workforce Platform.png

SMART Digital Workforce Platform: Use the SMART platform to standardize and automate workforce training. It lets users self-assess against your chosen framework to give them clarity of their role while providing organization-level reporting which can inform training and recruitment strategies.


WittyParrot Document Assembler: The WittyParrot Document Assembler is a productivity solution that helps knowledge workers quickly create documents by assembling pre-built, consistent, and compliant content, making it easier to create contracts, respond to RFPs, and produce statements of work (SOWs).


WittyParrot Email Templates: Use WittyParrot Email Templates to create personalized, consistent, brand compliant emails and responses using templates. It modularizes repeated content to create reusable content blocks, and users can add variables to personalize their messages.

YugabyteDB Managed Service.png

YugabyteDB Managed Service: YugabyteDB is an open-source, distributed SQL database built for transactional applications. It eliminates the tradeoffs associated with legacy databases by combining enterprise-grade relational database management system capabilities with cloud-native architectures.

Zykrr Experience Management Platform.png

Zykrr Experience Management Platform: Zykrr gives businesses a competitive advantage by focusing on customers and providing insights through a highly advanced customer feedback system that drives better business decisions, bringing actionable insights, accountability, and real-time customer visibility.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

ControlUp for Azure Virtual Desktop 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

ControlUp for Azure Virtual Desktop: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Microsys Informatica will implement ControlUp in your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environments to introduce you to the management console and the benefits of the solution. This proof of concept is only available in Italian.

FastPath for Hybrid Cloud (Azure and Azure Stack Edition).png

FastPath for Hybrid Cloud (Azure and Azure Stack Edition): Aligning with Microsoft best practices, Sentinel will design your Microsoft Azure public and private cloud regions so you can take full advantage of the scalability and flexibility cloud infrastructure offers.

Generative AI 1-Day Workshop.png

Generative AI: 1-Day Workshop: Available in Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland, this workshop from adesso will introduce you to generative AI and help identify relevant use cases for your company with the goal of developing an enterprise language model.

Valcon Bronze Profisee and Purview Implementation Support.png

Valcon Bronze Profisee and Purview Implementation Support: Bring your own Profisee license to use in Valcon’s Governed Master Data offering which combines Profisee and Microsoft Purview, and Valcon will build a comprehensive data management capability to govern your critical master data.

Valcon Gold Governed MDM Data Platform Profisee and Purview.png

Valcon Gold Governed MDM Data Platform: Profisee and Purview: Valcon’s Gold offering includes a SaaS implementation of Profisee Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Purview, combined to create a comprehensive data management capability for up to two domains and five source systems.

Valcon Platinum Governed MDM Data Platform Profisee and Purview.png

Valcon Platinum Governed MDM Data Platform: Profisee and Purview: Valcon’s Platinum offering includes a SaaS implementation of Profisee Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Purview, combined to create a comprehensive data management capability for up to five domains and ten source systems.

Valcon Silver Governed MDM Data Platform Profisee and Purview.png

Valcon Silver Governed MDM Data Platform: Profisee and Purview: Valcon’s Silver offering includes a SaaS implementation of Profisee Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Purview, as well as 35 days of consulting to get you up and running.

Windows Server Migration to Azure 10-Day Implementation.png

Windows Server Migration to Azure: 10-Day Implementation: Experts from Shellsoft will make it easy to migrate your virtual or physical Microsoft Windows servers to Azure and fully maximize its benefits. Safeguard your business assets and reduce IT overhead costs by only paying for computing time used.

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