Reset Windows Hello for Business

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i'm looking for a possibility to reset Hello for Business for a user, because he has problems with his config.

My first idea was to clear the content inside the attribute msDS-KeyCredentialLink. Unfortunately i didn't made it :D


Are there any ideas on how to reset the HfB for one User, so he has to reregister at next sign in?

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Have him do a PIN reset, it will re-initialize the whole process. There's a difference between On-Prem and Hybrid environment PIN resets though, as noted here:

if the WHfB is really messed up, then only the reset helps "certutil.exe -deleteHelloContainer". Explanation behind the link from Vasil

@fieberO Thanks to answer to this old thread. :)

In the meantine i've stumbled upon this command already, working really well. (But i've forgot to tell it here)

Thanks for sharing anyway. :smile:

no problem, only together we solve the problem ... small string with a big effect, when the whfb gets lost in the hybrid world ;)