Office 365 Licensing Issue

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We are having trouble with our users receiving a message when opening a desktop Office 365 APP. It puts a banner across the top stating the user is not not licensed. Most of the time we just need to log into O365, open the Online App, and Open the desktop from there to establish the license again. 


We installed initiallly via the Office Deployment Tool. Sometimes we have had to uninstall and then reinstall O365 with the user logged in to get it to work.


All users are "standard users" on their computers.

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We have seen this in the past and the only fix that seemed to work for us was to open one of the Office programs (not Outlook) and sign the user out; close the program and reopen it and sign them back in.


It seemed to work for us.


Your mileage may differ :)

Not tried that yet. This is quite the problem since OneNote, which we are trying to implement at our school,  prevents our students from doing their homework when this licensing issue arises. It is challenging to get whole-hearted adoption from teachers when these types of issues arise.

I use the following scripts for when an employee has left the company and I am reallocating his/her PC to another user.  This will remove the office license from the ex-employee's account and allow you to reassign it (by opening an Office Desktop application.)


First run: cscript.exe "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\"ospp.vbs /dstatus




You see find the specific 5 digit key (Highlighted above) for the program that you are relicensing and enter it in the below script at where the %1 is.  I am running Visio and Office 365 Pro Plus, so I have 2 different keys.


cscript.exe "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\"ospp.vbs /unpkey:%1


The above script will return this.



Now just open Word or Excel and it should prompt you to login.

Open up Excel and go to File > Office Account. Sign out of all Office accounts so no accounts at all are signed into the application. Then sign in with the users Office 365 account, that should resolve the issue. This method also works for sync issues with the old OneDrive for Business client if you get errors connecting to the server.