Microsoft Authenticator UserVoice or Suggestion/Feedback ??

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Where does one go to submit a feature request for Microsoft Authenticator?


At this point I have > 50 entries in the Authenticator and scrolling through the list to find something is painful and slow.


What is sorely missing is a keyword search function to locate any MFA listing within your app. After you authenticate with your Face, Finger, or the top of the window there should be a search field and this field should be a "CONTAINS" search.


Hopefully someone that can take this back to the team at Microsoft is reading!

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+1 this. A search feature is sorely needed. Sorting into sub-folders would also be helpful.
I totally agree. A keyword search or filter in the Microsoft Authenticator app would be a great productivity improvement.

@Jim-Barry Behar


Actually there is an option inside the app itself. Just go the the menu (the vertical ellipsis - at least that's what it looks like on Android) select "Send Feedback", and there you should see a "Got an idea?" option.


I hope that helps.

User voice is going away... no additional functionality is going to be implemented. :0\

@olsookie I don't need new features - I just need the thing to not lag so much (or not present expired confirmation prompts).  This is a VERY typical (problematic) use case for me - I go to Cisco VPN try to login.  On my phone, it just sits there.  5 seconds....10....15.  I finally get my Approve/Deny prompt, so I hit Approve. However, in that time, my login expired, so Cisco sends *another* auth request after I just approved.  If I took too long approving the first confirmation, then the second expires, so I wind up having to chase down whatever the current confirmation even is.  And to make things worse, the UI (or Android, or whatever) is so slow to just present the confirmation, that I can time out just clicking through all of them.  And even better - my phone shows the Approve/Deny on the quick screen, but it keeps pushing the active one down as new ones come in, so as I'm trying to click "Approve", my phone is shifting the text to make room for the next one, so I miss it and time out AGAIN.

I even had to take the PIN off the phone because the prompts would expire in the time it takes to unlock the phone and then enter the PIN again Authenticator seems to want a PIN every time it receives focus. It was not uncommon to have to enter my PIN 3 times to approve an auth, which is more than enough time for it to expire.