Microsoft Authenticator UserVoice or Suggestion/Feedback ??

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Where does one go to submit a feature request for Microsoft Authenticator?


At this point I have > 50 entries in the Authenticator and scrolling through the list to find something is painful and slow.


What is sorely missing is a keyword search function to locate any MFA listing within your app. After you authenticate with your Face, Finger, or the top of the window there should be a search field and this field should be a "CONTAINS" search.


Hopefully someone that can take this back to the team at Microsoft is reading!

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+1 this. A search feature is sorely needed. Sorting into sub-folders would also be helpful.
I totally agree. A keyword search or filter in the Microsoft Authenticator app would be a great productivity improvement.

@Jim-Barry Behar


Actually there is an option inside the app itself. Just go the the menu (the vertical ellipsis - at least that's what it looks like on Android) select "Send Feedback", and there you should see a "Got an idea?" option.


I hope that helps.

User voice is going away... no additional functionality is going to be implemented. :0\