Full Migration to MS365

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Hello everyone, I'm reaching out for some insights concerning a recent transition we've embarked on. Initially, our business operated with 10 users on Windows Server Essentials 2016, utilizing SSLVPN for remote access via RDP for remote users. All ran smoothly until about a month ago when we took the step to incorporate MS365 Business Premium, coinciding with a slight increase in users, now totaling 12.

Given our team's familiarity with the new system and the company's demanding schedule, we decided to phase in the transition. Thus far, I've successfully migrated our emails to MS365 and integrated Teams. Currently, the team still relies on VPN for accessing shared drives. However, we aim to pivot to a setup where access to shared folders is governed via SharePoint, but exclusively for managed devices while blocking all other access points.

All our computers are AD-registered. The goal is a full migration to the cloud: transitioning shared folders to SharePoint, user profiles to OneDrive for Business, and utilizing Intune for comprehensive desktop management. I've considered employing a third-party tool, specifically ForensiT, for user migration. Before moving forward, I'd appreciate any feedback or alternative suggestions you might have. Ultimately, we'd like to retire the current server and SSL VPN setup.

Thank you for your time and guidance.

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