Can I use Microsoft Authenticator to authenticate multiple GitHub accounts?

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I have two personal GitHub accounts. One is a Pro account and the other is a free account. Each account is associated with different Microsoft Accounts. I've been getting emails to my free GitHub account, telling me that they are going to start requiring the use of 2FA to authenticate. And this will start soon, in just a few weeks.


My question is, can I use Microsoft Authenticator for both GitHub accounts? I'm sure that at some point my GitHub Pro account will also require 2FA, I just haven't started getting any emails about that yet. And of course, I use only one phone number for both GitHub accounts.


So, can I use Microsoft Authenticator for two GitHub accounts with different email addresses, but the same phone number as the secondary SMS authentication?

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@Rod Falanga 

Yes of course, would suggest t setup alternative type of MFA as well such as Emai \ SMS

OK, so you're suggesting I should use other MFA apps besides Microsoft Authenticator, correct? Is that because Microsoft Authenticator will not work with two or more emails from the same domain, like GitHub?