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Authenticate Silently to Sharepoint Online (M365)

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we have a situation where a windows device is configured to login passwordless to an Entra AD user, this is on a touch screen kiosk. Apparently this was setup via GPO, i.e., passwordless login setup. This is what the infra team told me.

There is an app in the kiosk which open a sharepoint site on edge browser but they get authentication prompt from browser and its not ideal as the whole point of the setup is not to have auth prompts as the users of the kiosk in shop floor doesn't know the password.

Is there some way to have silent log in to sharepoint using the Windows logged in credentials?

The usual integrated windows login doesn't see to work in this case.

PS: user account has MFA disabled.

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So can clarify you would like to have seamless access to SharePoint Online through the kiosk?

yes - the app in kiosk tries to open an SPO site but when edge tries to opens the site it prompts for credentials and doesn't seem to work with logged in user credentials.