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Welcome back to the monthly wrap-up for our Healthcare and Life Sciences Blog - May edition. Check out a summary of the posts below and let us know if there are any topics that you want to see covered next month!


Return to Work:

  • Return to work – Office space distancing – Vasu Sharma and Pradeep Bethi, Microsoft Customer Success Managers: As organizations limit the workforce permitted to be physically present at office locations, it has placed an additional burden on leaders, particularly facilities, office managers, and logistics teams. Learn how to use Shifts in Microsoft Teams to help create, update and manage schedules for your team here.
  • Return to Workplace – Space management with Shifts (Part 2) - Vasu Sharma and Pradeep Bethi, Microsoft Customer Success Managers: As a follow up to the article above, this details how administrators can use Shifts for space management, send daily guidance, provide topical Q&A, and use incident reporting capabilities. Details here.
  • Build employee resilience with people manager teams - Vasu Sharma and Pradeep Bethi, Microsoft Customer Success Managers: In the midst of disruption due to the current pandemic, people managers are called to help employees stay connected. Pradeep and Vasu walk through keeping your employees collaborating in times when they can’t be in the office together. Check it out.
  • Using the COVID-19 “Back to Work” Template in Microsoft Healthcare Bot – Nikita Pitliya, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect: As employees are returning to the workplace, it is critical to monitor them for common COVID-19 symptoms in a simple, automated, and scalable way. The “Back to Work” solution template and implementation instructions are in this article.



HLS "Show Me How" Posts:

  • Create a Microsoft Teams Virtual Facilities Tour with SharePoint Spaces – Michael Gannotti, Principal Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Learn how to enable the SharePoint Spaces in a SharePoint site, how to quickly build it out, and how to leverage it directly from within Microsoft Teams here.
  • Create a Virtual Conference – Michael Gannotti, Principal Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Watch how a Virtual conference might be experienced, and learn how to build one from scratch. Resources here.
  • Control Who Can Present in a Teams Meeting – Michael Gannotti, Principal Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Ever wondered how to edit a Microsoft Teams Meeting to control who can present and who cannot? Look no further.
  • Immersive 360’ Video Use in SharePoint Spaces - Michael Gannotti, Principal Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist: Mike walks through the use and experience of 360’ immersive video with Microsoft SharePoint Spaces here.
  • Build Survey and Feedback Solutions with the Power Platform - Michael Trachtenberg, Senior Microsoft Power Platform Technical Specialist: Have you ever wondered how to leverage the Power Platform, Forms and Teams to capture and analyze feedback and survey data? Check out this step-by-step.



Webcasts Recorded:

  • Breakout Rooms in Teams: Microsoft Customer Success Manager Tim Hadley presented 3 options that you can use today in Microsoft Teams to fit your virtual training needs for breakout rooms, based on common use cases. Check it out.
  • Microsoft Teams Security: Microsoft Technical Specialists Craig Eidelman and Pete Anello walked us through securing Microsoft Teams, from user identities and the Teams app to external access and Teams meetings. It’s all recorded here.
  • Social Sessions with Mike Gannotti
    • Episode 2 - Joel Oleson: Joel Oleson is widely recognized as one of the world’s most connected Office 365 and SharePoint Community Leaders. Joel and Mike discuss his path to the present professionally at Perficient, his globetrobbting adventures with the SharePoint/Office 365 community, and his last endeavor with the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon.
    • Episode 3 - Dux Raymond Sy: AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy is a standout Microsoft 365 MVP. From showing compassion and giving back during these times to intelligently managing Microsoft Teams, Mike and Dux cover a spectrum of topics including the upcoming June 22-26 free ShiftHappens conference.  
    • Episode 4 - Ian Lindsay: Quest Software’s Ian Lindsay has spent his career helping organizations with their transformative collaboration efforts. Mike and Ian discuss Quest’s November Conference, Tech (The Experts Conference), as well as share some stories of their scuba diving adventures.
    • Episode 5 – Steve Bruno: Code Software’s Steve Bruno has a ton of experience in the Unified Communications space. Mike and Steve discuss remote work, shifting workforce norms, and the need for advanced analytics across the communication stack as companies adjust to a mobile workforce.


Upcoming Webcasts:

  • Azure Based PPE Hospital Forecasting: Many of our hospital customers have been concerned about PPE forecasting during times like these. On Wednesday, June 3rd, at 12 noon eastern, Microsoft's Senior Cloud Solution Architect Ana Del Campo Mendizabal will walk us through a scalable, affordable, microservices design using Azure that she created and implemented with her customers. Join us.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Microsoft Teams: As so many organizations have moved to virtual work, insights into productivity levels are now a primary focus for reporting requirements. Our partner, Code Software, has an advanced reporting and analytics tool for Microsoft Teams called Clobba that delivers crucial business insights. We are bringing our partner to a CollabCast with Sam Brown on Wednesday, June 17th. Details here.



Industry Expert Posts:

  • Microsoft celebrates nurses and midwives around the world – Molly McCarthy, Microsoft Chief Nursing Officer: Molly shares Microsoft’s support for and celebration of nurses around the globe during Nurses’ Week May 6th – 12th as a part of International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Check out her insights on the future of nursing and the role that Microsoft is playing here.
  • Year of the Nurse and Midwife Series
    • Episode 5: Molly McCarthy, Microsoft Chief Nursing Officer, and Dr. Ernest Grant, President of the ANA, discuss current events and the history and impact of nursing.
    • Episode 6: Microsoft’s Tracy Picon, Kathleen McGrow, Claire Bonaci and Keola Ching discuss how community engagement is the impetus for innovative technology.
  • Meet the Nurse Leaders who judged the 2020 Microsoft Health Innovation Awards – Molly McCarthy, Microsoft Chief Nursing Officer: In 2020, the Microsoft Health Innovation Awards recognized forward-thinking health, wellness, and life sciences solutions that leverage technology to achieve innovative excellence and industry disruption. Microsoft hosted a team of judges including four nurse innovation leaders. Learn more about their journeys in innovation and nursing here.
  • NurseHack4Health Results – Molly McCarthy, Chief Nursing Officer and Claire Bonaci, HLS Business Development Director: May 15th-17th, Microsoft partnered with Johnson & Johnson, SONSIEL and DevUp to host a VODI19 virtual hackathon. Check out the results of the cross-functional collaboration to address problems that nurses are seeing on the frontlines.
  • You use accessible technology everyday and don’t know it – Tracy Picon, Healthcare and Life Sciences Accessibility Lead: Tracy talks through health accessibility features that she is excited about, her experience with inclusive design, and the future of accessibility in healthcare. Take a look.



Security Resources:

  • New Ransomware Group Targets Healthcare – Craig Eidelman, Senior Security and Compliance Specialist: There is a new ransomware technique that is specifically targeting healthcare customers, so Craig provides us the resources for awareness and how to reduce risk here.
  • Microsoft Security Matters Newsletter – April 2020 – Jeremy Windmiller, Enterprise Security Architect: Jeremy has been providing a newsletter to customers that consolidates resources for Microsoft Security Products and Services. Check out the April newsletter.



May's HLS Blog Contributors:


Claire Bonaci, Director, Business Development, Health and Life Sciences


Craig Eidelman, Senior Security Specialist



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Nikita Pitliya, Microsoft Data & AI Solution Architect



Jeremy Windmiller, Microsoft Senior Technical Specialist, Security and Compliance



Molly McCarthy, National Director, US Health and CNO



Michael Trachtenberg, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft Power Platform



Vasu Sharma, Microsoft Customer Success Manager



Pradeep Bethi, Microsoft Director, Customer Success



Thanks for reading and let us know how else our Microsoft team can help!

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