Social Sessions with Mike Gannotti Episode 3 – Dux Raymond Sy
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Social Sessions with Mike GannottiSocial Sessions with Mike Gannotti 

In the packed stratosphere of Microsoft 365 MVPs AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy is a standout. Whether taking the main stage at a conference keynote to get the audience pumped or delivering regular webinars on Microsoft 365 Governance and Adoption, Dux is a legend.

In this Social Sessions Dux and I talk 1- showing compassion and giving back during these times. 2- Making Microsoft Teams easy to use as well as migration and intelligently managing the surge in usage. 3- Dux covers the upcoming June 22-26 FREE ShiftHappens conference. 4- We discuss three ways to tangibly reach out through local community, helping others upskill, and assisting groups helping local businesses sustain through these times.


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No agenda, no takes and no rooms. Social sessions with Mike, can I?

And we are back for another episode of social sessions with my Canadian. I am your host, my chatty. But today I am joined with somebody who if you are in the world of M 365 teams.

Office 365 going back to share point this man needs no introductions although I am going to he is a motivational speaker.

Par excellence in the world of tech he gets people rockin' Anne jumping in on their feet but he's also world renowned expert around governance migration system adoption and just all around great guy so today we're joined by Dux Raymond side ducks welcome to social sessions a Mikey thank you thank you it's a privilege to be with you at least virtually on the same screen I recall the last time we did this we're in Philly an we're freestyling we were wrapping.

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And this was boy what 10 years ago were wrapping I was other memory.

Yeah, no awesome. So you know, we're in this period and stuff and just first of all, you know how are you doing ducks with us? Thank you for asking. Yeah, I'm grateful I'm doing well. My families hunker down, everybody is healthy and safe, so at least the immediate family and extended family everybody's doing. OK, it's still my here and there I still get affected and my heart breaks for people that are impacted. I've known friends that either.

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Are sick or friends of friends I already have passed or email as a resolve all this lost their jobs so it's actually a terrible time yeah yeah no I hear you and it is tough?

I think we've been, you know, both of us in our positions. We have Microsoft you over at Avepoint, very blessed and that we've had. We have great employers that are enabling us to continue to move on and to do our work and to help others. You know, as you look at your correctness, you do so much community based and stuff, but if you think about how did you get to where you're at today, what what's brought you to that point?

You know, I. I always tell folks, so I've been. I'm originally from the Deep South Manila, Philippines, Southeast Asia.

Right Oh yeah yeah for that first wanted good impression.

Book the nicest restaurant. Picked the right playlist in your music for the car. Drive it all. Dress up to the nines, practice where you're going to talk about is the same thing you gotta prep your environment. Yes, do we have a great experience for that first date so you'll get the second date and the third date, etc? and I think you know as we see people going again that zero to 60 having things in place at least the basics, right? It doesn't mean that you're going to have.

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Although everything in plain, I always think of governance as iterative. Yes, you know exchange between users and it and security and legal and how that all interplay's but.

It's an iterative piece, but getting those basics in can be the difference between even for a quick ramp up between a quick success and not, it's not going to be successful every time. Like again, I think about parenting, right? You don't you don't parent one day when your kid is born's like. OK, OK kid, here, all of the governance policies have a good life. Don't talk to me. No. You should know right? Like even to this day you have a grandchild. Now you're still parenting. You're still tweaking that governance, right? Sure, maybe now.

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Your sons married he has a kid and you were talking about buying a first house last night and it was all the advice and.

Trying to meet or How do I help them without overstepping another right Yep same thing Yep absolutely so go ahead you're going to send in the second thing so you ask what are the Top of mind so being able to Intel and you manage this search it is important to customers the second thing is migration So what we're seeing a lot of customers boy II just sometimes I scratch my head I'm like we're in 2020 everybody has the latest iPhone the latest.

IPad you know and the latest gadget but everybody still work loaded notes.

Everybody still working on Prem file shares man yeah like I know.

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Like we would VPN in in, in in work. Yep fine. I understand like IPS busy. I'm not giving you a hard time but it just surprises me. But Long story short, lot organizations are keen on moving to the cloud so they have to deal with on Prem stuff. So we're helping customers a lot too in that fashion. And in fact we're giving layer migration software for free and I'll share the link with you so people can see that and they'll be able to avail of that.

Yeah, I mean I I do see a That's a huge thing. In fact, a you know, Speaking of children and grandchildren, my sons now in it and he was talking about a new project that he's On is he's going to be overseeing a huge migration from a pure on Prem Company.

Up to 365 and a, he said it's you know people are just not prepared. Yeah and it's getting there so I think that's that's huge and it's you know how can you help folks and and they really don't know what to do in the fact that you guys are giving away. You know some of the software around that and helping them out and I think it. It just goes to show that in the tech community as a whole and you know have points. Certainly one of the big players in this.

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In this area everybody's kind of circling wagons and trying to help out right now. Yeah, absolutely? How about you? I mean, we talked a lot about you know where where I'm at these days? How's everything with you in customers or family? Everybody do that yeah, I mean customers, it's starting to. I would say yesterday and then in today I'm starting to finally come down. We had, you know, as you know teams.

Um, hot and heavy, and we have a lot of what I call building the airplane as we fly because we had a lot of demand around.

Things like virtual visits and you know a lot of customers had all these different texts for doing telemedicine but they really didn't meet the needs of of an issue like this where they needed to do rich triage Ng virtually enabling scale in scheduling folks even within the hospital with limited PPE personal protective equipment I was just gonna call the other day I was asked to speak to the Virginia state.

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I'm going to mangle their name, but they it's in the state of Virginia. It's around um healthcare and all that, and they do technical calls once a week and they had myself in a physician from down there and they were talking about, you know, the shortage of personal protective equipment and things like that. So helping with hey, how can we take our stack and put it together? And you know, not just, not definitely not just main. My colleagues across the country and all of us working together and.

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Coming up with ideas and then pushing those out and then helping customers implement getting on calls and I still keep going back to my very first call at the beginning of this whole thing with the hospital where I I literally had doctors on the phone as the first local schools were being.

Cancelled and they said we have to have this stuff they're like yelling you don't understand this was on a Wednesday we have to have this now we can't wait we're going to you know and having things in place.

Like the new virtual visits in teams and stuff like that having customers you know yelling on a Wednesday on a Monday doing the tests and Tuesday live in so it's been pretty crazy but it's been very rewarding yeah great to do a lot of helping into your point the whole not just governance but you know with migration making things are in place most companies that I know you were talking about file shares.

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They didn't have II have had so many calls with folks where they're like well some of this media is not working in the when we're trying to do the live executive that enough split tunnelling in place and they you know simple things like that because it is it's new muscle that they need to start to show up and work and having been so then busy you know one thing I've gotta say so yesterday I did a webinar with the customer from the state of Minnesota there the Metropolitan council for Twin Cities.

So essentially they provide shared services around the area and so speaking with it.

Ah so in early March when the governor or mid March shut down school everybody had to do work remotely teams was critical in through our technology cloud governance it was able to help them easily manage an increase teams adoption they went out 400% which is great and as as we were talking one thing that caught my attention really wanted my heart he said he closed with this he said look.

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You know at the end of the day Microsoft Teams let people be people right yeah I said what do you mean Jeff he's like it doesn't matter if you're in the office you're out in the field you're a doctor your teacher.

The fact that Microsoft Teams allows you with any device anywhere anytime get your job done during this time is huge.

In that's what inclusions all about it is it is and you know it's funny 'cause just to kind of tie it back to you know.

Our leader Sanchez said it the other day and it's something that I know has been Top of mind for a lot of us.

You know we've seen this shift shift happens right we've seen this shift is digital transformation of organizations that we were projecting to be over the next couple of years right but really it's accelerated to 2 months and being forced to but I think that what we'll see is.

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You know, as things do start to loosen up and over time an there's more. You know I've already talked to organizations that they're like well.

Why am I going why are we spending all this money on physical plant Ah when when we have when they're functioning I work with big pharma and others and certainly there are jobs that absolutely you do need to be in but there are so many jobs where they're finding I have not lost my productivity and where that's where that can be enabled virtually it's at a great savings yeah and in fact some of the and you and I both know this my wife's been harping on it for years she goes?

Kind of like when you went the office 'cause you worked. Seems like you work less when you're there. You started audio only.

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You lost audio at 1 second.

Our is me it was me.

No, but you're exactly right. Even a business travel, right? So now I'm I'm thinking.

I'm on the road more than half my time in past couple years while certainly true we may be working more here but I'm home more right.

They're still going to be business travel but I don't think at the frequency we used to see before I think that's right and I think you know I've had talks with my own management about that and doing things at scale and virtually and with they've talked about you know quite frankly that directionally for Microsoft a lot of things moving that way because again we're all you know we're working for companies that are for profit.

Um, but there's also you know that whole when we talk about work life balance you have families etc. Being able to blend and bring that together so that you can spend that. You know I've had a couple of a number of occasions where my blessing, my son, and my daughter-in-law, my grandson, are 10 minutes away. He's in a job where he's there, hunkered down so they don't have any contact, but once in a while because there and apartment's wife will bring over her son.

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Play in the backyard and run around an I get a little bit of a break and it's not just a 1520 minute break. OK, I can go grab some coffee. It's a mental break as I can unwind and attend to family and refresh and I think that's huge.

Boy, you talk about refreshing recharge.

No it only takes my daughter to give me a hug for 30 seconds and that's it Yep that's it makes it worthwhile that's beautiful yeah so you know we talked about a lot of stuff today I'm I'm.

Definitely we're going to highlight and call attention to your three things on outreach, which I just love to local to people who are right there making that connection. The up skills and sustaining businesses talked about the whole intelligently manage and I'm glad that you were able to show some of that and then also around migration. You said you're going to share a link, but if people want to get in contact with Ducks if they want to learn more about AB point or any things we're talking about.

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What are some of the ways that people can do Sir T easiest way to connect with me is on LinkedIn. Look me up. It's Ducks D. UX Raymond side just to make sure it's not the ECS that maybe some other person. And then on Twitter, meet Doug. So those two places or go to our website and if you try to email me on the worst that email so just give me a few days before I respond but anything on social you get me right away. Awesome. Well, thank you very much for joining us today.

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For social sessions, there's been a great great talking with you and it's great. Just seeing you so thank you my friend. Take care until next time. Thank you all for watching social sessions and TuneIn for our next one on next Monday and we'll see you then. Goodbye now and will stop recording.


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